Top Ten Posts of 2012

Top Ten Posts of 2012

How is everyone?  We had a very merry Christmas and are gearing up for a Happy New Year!  Among the many highlights of the Christmas holiday, one of my favorites would have to be my two-year-old rough & tumble princess telling me “the wise men brought baby Jesus gold, mints, and fur.”  What else could a newborn baby desire?

I enjoyed my break, but I have missed my daily post.  Reading your comments and emails on DIY projects, ideas, and photos invigorates me and gives me such energy.  My home, my family dwelling, is so important to me, and it gives me great pleasure to think I can inspire something or help in some way to make your home more comfortable, more suited, more peaceful for your family.

*New Years themed images via Pinterest*

I am happily surprised (and excited!) at the growth of my little blog this year.  As I look at my list of ideas for 2013, I invite you to let me know what YOU like about the blog, what you would like to see more of (or less of).  Feel free to message me on Facebook, leave a comment below, or email me at submissions @AStoriedStyle .com.  You can also use the contact tab at the top of the page.  I LOVE to hear from you and your ideas.

Today, for your reading enjoyment, I have included the top ten most viewed posts of 2012 (in no particular order).  So in case you missed one of these, or really liked one in particular, I hope you can find a tidbit that tickles your fancy.


1.  Queen Anne’s Lace – This was one of the first posts I ever wrote on the blog!

2.  DIY Acrylic Rods – Definitely my best DIY to date, a lovely inexpensive curtain rod idea, plus a great way to add a little sparkle to a room!

3.  Ikea Lillesand Bed – This was such a great bed from Ikea, but I have since heard it has been discontinued – what a bummer!  I imagine it would be fairly easy to find one on CraigsList or Ebay though.

4.  Mora to Love, Swedish Clocks – Love me some Mora!  This is another one of my early posts in my blogging career.  In my opinion, there is no clock more beautiful.

5.  Gebhardt Formal Living Transformation –  What a pretty room this turned out to be!  I am still in love with the art over the fireplace!  It was the inspiration for the entire room.

6.  Gebhardt Casual Living Room Transformation – The gallery wall is the star of the show here, along with the DIY dipped benches.  Colorful, functional, and stylish, this room is a family favorite.  More from this home is coming!

7.  Bentwood Rocking Chairs – I quickly realized after I posted about these rocking chairs I am not the only one that loves them!  They are so easy to find inexpensively, and easily customizable to your style desires.

8.  Pent Dining Room Transformation – The infamous green chandeliers!  There are so many elements of this room I love!  Chic and modern with a little edge.

9.  Pent Living Room Transformation – Another infamous design element is in this room – the peacock velvet chesterfield sofa!  The Pents impressed me so much with their desire for and openness to pattern and color.  Their result is so fresh and just stunning.

10.  Vintage Americana Baby Shower:  Invitation seen here, Decor seen here, Party Pics seen here –  TONS of awesome ideas here!  I think people loved this so much because first of all, it was beautifully detailed, and there are so many elements you could use for any patriotic holiday!  Definitely one of my favorite events of 2012.

Which one is your favorite?  Was there a particular post you liked that wasn’t listed?

Also, I don’t think I can end the year without thanking my incredible husband for all of his support and encouragement upon my entry into the blogging world in 2012.  He has brought me many a cup of coffee at 10 pm and endured a plethora of nights of me clicking away into the wee hours.  Kent, there is NO way I could do this without you.  Thank you so much. xoxo.

And to my sweet friend, Kat.  Thank you so much for your countless hours of programming and designing.  You are incredible, and truly one of the most amazingly talented people I have ever known.  I pray God blesses you tremendously for the energy you have poured into me and into others.  For any of your graphic design needs (also check out her fabric on Spoonflower!), contact Kat through


Stay safe tonight, see you here tomorrow.  Don’t forget to let me know what you would like to see here in 2013!

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