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gift card winner

So sorry I am just now posting this!  It has been a crazy day, and because of technical difficulties, I did not get my post up.  (which I am super sad about, I seriously cannot wait to show you guys)  I did, however, want to post the $100 Home Decorators Gift Card Winner, and it is lucky #65!!  This comment belonged to NANETTE!!  If you are Nanette, please email me at submissions @ AStoriedStyle.com with your address!  It is your lucky day.  : )

Making Your Home Holiday Ready + $100 GIVEAWAY!

making your home holiday ready

I would imagine many of you are like me in that you tell yourself every year that you are going to get ahead of Christmas.  Presents will be ordered ahead of time, meals and activities will be planned far in advance, and your Christmas decor will be waiting for you to put it up the day after Thanksgiving.  (or before for some of you : ) )

As many years as I have told myself this, I am never that person.  Holidays sneak up on me, and again and again, I am dealing with yet another year where my youngest child has a stand-in Christmas stocking that does not match the others, and my dreams of Christmas sheets for the kids, a tablescape fully pulled together, and no semi-frantic Christmas Eve shopping are dashed.  Of course, we always have beautiful holidays, and none of the “stuff” really matters.  Truly.  I think what I want to avoid this year is the feeling that I don’t have it together as well as I should.  Know what I mean?

To help us all get ahead, I have teamed up with the Home Decorators Collection and scoured their site for items I need (and you might too) to get “Holiday Ready”.  Keep in mind that not only are ALL OF THESE ITEMS ON SALE, they are also FREE SHIPPING!!!  F.R.E.E.  Love that!

christmas tree star Reclaimed Wood Star Tree Topper

We have never had a proper tree topper, and I typically do something different every year with the top of our tree.  I find tree toppers really tricky…I just cannot find one I like.  But this one, I could use year after year.  I love that it is made from reclaimed wood, and I love that it is simple.

christmas sleigh bells

Silver Sleigh Bells On Rope

When my husband and I were first married, my in-laws gave us some bells on a rope for our front door.  They are quite sentimental now, and it just would not feel like Christmas if I wasn’t opening a frosty front door and hearing their little dings as I accept Christmas packages.  It’s a small tradition, but it brings the feeling of Christmas for me.

mismatched stockings

Traditional Stockings in Variegated Stripe Patterns

I really like this stocking set because they are a little different for each special person.  I added different trim to each one of mine to give them each a personality with my family members in mind.

driftwood tree candle holder

Driftwood Tree Candle Holder

This candle holder would look so pretty on a coffee table, and it is a great size at 22″ long.  I would cut foliage from my yard and put it in the little cups rather than candles to change it up a little.  Elegant and simple.

stripe pillow stripe pillow stripe pillow

Variegated Stripe Holiday Pillows

I do have a few special holiday pillows that make their appearance during Christmas time.  I think it brings an extra festive feel and changes up the look of my upholstery.  Choose different stripes for a more collected look.  These are $35 with free shipping – includes the insert!!

porcelain deer heads

Porcelain Deer Heads – SET of 2

This set of deer heads would be appropriate year round, but I would love them on a pair of doors with small boxwood wreaths around their necks, or flanking a fireplace.

copenhagen spruce plant

2′ Copenhagen Pre-Lit Spruce Plant

A pair of these next to your front door would be really pretty, plus this is a terrific price for the size.

tree skirt

Simple Tree Skirt

A tree skirt I love is another holiday item I have never found.  This one is really pretty, and it comes in different diameters.

golden foliage dinnerware set

Golden Foliage Dinnerware Set

What I love about this porcelain set besides the fact that it is around $100 for a SET FOR FOUR PEOPLE, is that you could use it for Thanksgiving AND Christmas.  A simple change of napkins and setting the dinner plates on red or silver chargers makes them instant holiday ready.


simple table runner

Simple Table Runner

I like this table runner because you could use it for Christmas and whip it out again for Valentine’s Day.  Plus I prefer a simple table runner for the main textile so I can layer a smaller piece of fabric or sentimental table runner on top.  I have an antique white linen table runner that is very delicate from my grandmother.  It is not very big, and it would look nice layered on top of this striped runner.

antique silver taper holderAntique Silver Taper Holder

On top of the runner, I would love a pair of these taper holders.  I would get smaller tapers so your guests can see each other, but these would be so lovely for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

woven winterberry pre-lit garland

Woven Winterberry Pre-lit Garland

Woven around the above taper holders, I would place this pretty lit (nine foot!) garland down the center of my holiday table.  I would also place some fresh foliage throughout to give it a fresh, outdoorsy feel.

wrapping supply organizer

Wrapping Supply Organizer

I LOVE to wrap gifts, and I have a ton of gift wrapping supplies.  I have an organizer right now for all of this, but I will admit, it is overflowing.  If I had this, I could put all of my holiday gift wrap, tissue paper, and tags in here and store it until the next year.  While writing this post, I did buy a few of these things, and this was one of them!

lavender fire starter

Lavender Fire-Starter SET OF 3

Okay, so I had never seen these before, but these pretty lavender wraps are fire starters that contain lavender, cedar, and lemon balm!  Basically, they make your house smell amazing when you burn them in your fire, BUT I like to have little bundles of lavender with a little note as welcome gifts for my guests on their bed.  I will take my set of three and use them for both purposes this year!

burlap pom pom ribbon

Burlap Pom-Pom Ribbon

Although apparently this ribbon was part of Home Decorator’s Halloween line, this ribbon is less than half the original price at $8.99 for TEN YARDS!!  I would definitely use this as holiday ribbon with some pretty metallic paper or even craft paper with a beautiful tag.  I would also take some fresh cuttings from the yard and place it on top to make the gift look especially pretty.

So now that you are brewing with ideas and feeling festive, Home Decorators has offered up an $100 Home Decorators Gift Card to one of my readers!  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post!  Tell me about one of the items that you love (are you also missing a tree topper in your life?), or a holiday tradition you are looking forward to. (like sleigh bells on your front door)  If you follow me on Instagram or like me on Facebook, you can enter extra comments for those follows, too.  (Share this post on social media and get extra entries also!)  The winner will randomly be chosen on Monday using an automated system!

If you are the winner, you will receive the gift card before Home Decorators starts their Black Friday promotion The 12 Days of Deals!  HDC wants to help you get your home holiday ready in the most beautiful and most affordable way possible, so each day for twelve days they will be offering an awesome deal on one of their holiday items.  Click here for more information and to sign up for notifications about the 12 Days of Deals!

Oh, and by the way, you will want to check back on Monday for the $100 Home Decorators Gift Card Winner, AND I have an awesome reveal and DIY for you!

Written by Grace

*This post is sponsored by Home Decorators.  All opinions, thoughts, sentimentalities, and stories are my own.

Guest Room / Office Makeover Progress: Paint & Trim

Last week, I told you about the guest room/office makeover happening at my house right now.  I thought I would show you some before photos and the best part, the progress photos.  There has been quite a change in that room these past weeks!

The palette of the space was inspired by the hallway in author Edith Wharton’s home, The Mount, her gorgeous home and gardens in Lenox, Massachusetts.  You can read more about this here.

This photo has been stuck in my head since I visited there five years ago with my husband.


When I am trying to visualize a space and come up with a design, I sit in it and stare.  I wish I drew more, and I do dabble in it, but I do better if I just look at the space – to get a feel for it…dare I say…to let it talk to me a little bit?

Our guest room/office has the most natural light in the house – two full walls of windows.  Since we moved here three years ago, this room has been the guest room/nursery, and then when I moved the girls to the same room, the catch all for other rooms that have been under construction.  I would say it has been full of castoffs from other spaces a good year.

In this before photo, you can see the previous striped walls.

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How Opulence Can Be Relevant To Your Regular People Home

opulence and regular homes

As a child, I was a voracious reader.  There was a time during elementary school I clearly remember checking out three books every other day from my school library.  I would put a flashlight under my pillow so I could read at night when I was supposed to be sleeping.  I simply loved books…and stories…and literature.  I especially enjoyed mysteries, but I also relished history and biographies of people from all areas of life who accomplished great things.

In my teen years, I started reading authoress, Edith Wharton.  Her more famous titles are “The House of Mirth” and “The Age of Innocence”, but her short stories are where I believe her true genius lies.  Her tales focus on the privileged class of her era at the turn of the century, and are filled with humor and wit.  But not only was she a talented writer, she was also one of the first recognized American female interior designers.

image courtesy of edithwharton.org

image courtesy of edithwharton.org


In 1902, she built The Mount, her home in Lenox, Massachusetts.  She penned many novels there and fashioned the home and astoundingly beautiful gardens around her design philosophy, which she highlighted in her work, “The Decoration of Houses” in 1897.

edith wharton's the mount

Five years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Massachusetts, spending a day at The Mount.  We still talk of the grounds and the home.


You could even pick apples nearby.


It was all very inspiring and yes, romantic even, but I can see how people shy away from translating grand homes of old into something of relevance today.



It is sort of like couture fashion…I’m a regular girl, so how does that apply to me?  Why should I look at it, think about it, absorb it at all if it is unattainable for me?


I had a conversation with an acquaintance recently about this very subject.  She said, “Yes, I think seeing these old homes is kind of cool, but I never really feel like I get anything out of it other than thinking ‘that’s neat’.  I will never live in a home like that so I don’t get it really.”

I believe the answer is quite simple…you can be inspired by it.  You can take a mix of materials or a fabric pattern or a color scheme from a grand old home where you live or a Downton Abbey episode and recreate it your way to fit in beautifully with your home’s aesthetic.  I wonder sometimes if we are so concerned with trends (chevron now, nope now it is hexagons, triangles!)  that the thought behind how our home comes together becomes skewed chasing after the here and now, and therefore, the design falls flat.

Below you see a photo of a structure that is quite lovely, you might think it looks like a quintessential country home.  But it happens to be a barn on Edith Wharton’s property…A BARN.  Perhaps this will inspire you to put some thought into that eyesore shed?  or that falling down lean-to against your garage?  (ahem, cough, I’m looking at myself)


Perhaps if we slowed down long enough to look at design that has stood the test of time, we could find in it a connection to the space we live in?  Whether it be a rented space, a garage apartment, a starter home, a forever home, or an apartment, I wonder if finding a tie to the past that inspires us is the way to an authentic home.

There is a particular space at The Mount that has stuck with me since I first stepped into it.  It is a rather grand hall, but the colors and trim work captivated me.


It is a gorgeous space, and I can close my eyes and still see every detail.  The barrel ceiling and that gorgeous blue-green trim hue against the creamy ivory background is perfection.


So here I am dreaming of a space Edith Wharton dreamed up and created over a hundred years ago.  No, I don’t have a grand hall in my home, nor will I ever, but I do have a space that is getting a makeover.  A makeover inspired by this space – a grand hall in a grand home – translated to a small room in my old home.

Next post will showcase this previous mess of a room turning into one of the prettiest rooms in the house!

For more information on Edith Wharton and The Mount, check out this website.  This is a must-stop-and-see if you get the chance!  I would love to go back!

Written by Grace


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