Secret Sources: The Best, Most Affordable Bamboo Shades

I have long been on the quest for the perfect bamboo shade.  The natural organic feel to them really grips me.  I especially love them in this room (one of my favorite rooms ever) by Lauren Liess.

lauren liess

lauren liess

I have searched for the perfect, AFFORDABLE bamboo shade for years.  Seriously.  I have looked through clearance racks at all sorts of stores and ordered samples from all over the place.  And although it is entirely possible this secret has been out for awhile, it wasn’t until six months or so ago that I discovered them.

You see, a bamboo shade has to have sort of a tortoise shell feel to them, and be light in color, but not too white and not too honey.  It is a very delicate balance.  The weave is also very important; not too reed-like and not too wide like blinds.

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Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

I have pretty much decided no construction project would be complete without a bit of angst.    (I know many of you who have done projects big and small are nodding your head right now.)  As much as I truly like and respect my contractor, he cannot be everywhere at once, and as someone with an eye for detail in design, I am going to pick out every little thing that is not quite right.

For example, we got the plumbing hardware installed in the shower (can’t wait to show you, but everything is covered in plastic sheeting right now because they are painting), and I noticed the little button with the pretty lettering would turn whenever you turned the knob.  (there are three of these knobs, and they were all turned in different directions)  Therefore, the letters always looked like they were diagonal, and it was driving me crazy.

When I mentioned it to the plumber, he kind of shrugged his shoulders and made some comment about “how it was a little loose”.  My reply:  “Yes, but what can we do?”  His response:  Shrug.

Little did he know he was talking to someone that would forever be bothered by the crooked letters.  “I’ll be right back”, I said.

A few minutes later, I showed up with two supplies to remedy this problem.  There has to be a creative solution to this complication, right?

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