Dining Room Rugs…To Have or Have Not

Dining Room Rugs…To Have or Have Not

My dining room has undergone a complete overhaul to be revealed after I finish a few little projects. (Curtains to be exact, and I believe I am going to use my DIY acrylic drapery rods again!)  But I do want to address what has become quite a conundrum for me…deciding if I should have a dining room rug or not.

In my perfect home world, the answer is, of course!  They look lovely, and add a layered element to a space.

Barrie Benson

Even though I am quite optimistic and a bit of a dreamer, I am also practical.  And Practicality tells me a beautiful dining room rug with four children four years and under is no good.  I imagine it would eventually look like the carpet in my vehicle which is in a sad, sad state.

Watch out though, people will tell you it is a good idea.

Oh, of course you can!  You just need to get an all wool rug.  Especially one with New Zealand wool, stains and spills come out of those wool fibers easily.

Let me share a picture with you, a picture from my past.

Welcome to the dining room in my previous home.  Now this is staged to sell the house, so it looks way too catalogue-y for me, and way too absent of creativity.  Nonetheless, this was my 100% wool rug for a few years, and it was a hot mess.  Really, unless I scrubbed spots after every meal, it did not look good.

The next option you hear people discuss are jute or sisal rugs.  I will say this for jute rugs, they are super durable, so in that aspect, they are an excellent choice.  I like the neutral appeal of them also.

Source Unknown


Melanie Turner Interiors

The deterrent is little crumbs love nothing more than to snuggle down in all of the crevices – big problem.  I have a small sisal area rug, and I never feel it is totally clean.  I have vacuumed with the hose attachment, and swept, to no avail.  Even after I have attempted to ensure its cleanliness, I still sense something lingering there.  It irks me.

So scratch that.

Another ever-popular idea is an indoor/outdoor rug like one of these from Ballard Designs.  In your mind, you think, “Oh great!  An indoor/outdoor rug will be super durable and easy to clean.”

Ballard Designs

And then you read how to clean it…with a hose and a scrubbing brush.    Let me tell you, taking the chairs and table off of the rug, moving the rug outside, hosing and scrubbing it, moving it back inside, and putting the table and chairs back into place is not worth the “luxury” of having an indoor/outdoor rug.  Pass for me.

FLOR tiles are neat, and I have always wanted to try them, but I feel they are a bit tricky.  In my opinion, you would have to get the tiles with thicker piles to avoid them being too “executive office”.

Harlem Home Mag

One of my favorite FLOR tile patterns, called “Sophistikat”, is sadly no longer available.  This is its replacement.   As much as I like the concept of this particular design, the pile still doesn’t look right to me.



Of course, you can always go with no rug, which is what I have been sporting.  By the way, I a-dore all of these rooms.

Sarah Richardson

Elle Decor

Source Unknown

But I feel the room needs a floor covering.  It just looks more finished to me.  However, again, considering practicality, I need a rug aesthetically pleasing, one I can wipe quickly and painlessly.  Just like the floor.

With this sentiment in mind, I had an idea while in a store a few weeks ago.  And I am going to try it, and give you step-by-step instructions.  It may be genius and look awesome, and it may not.  That’s how design is.  Even the most accomplished designers try something and take a different route if necessary at times. So…the good, the bad, and the ugly, you will see it.

Right here.  Tomorrow.  See you then.

P.S.  My backup is one of these beauties from Dash and Albert.  You can bleach them??!!


  • Shauna Magnusen
    Posted at 15:23h, 21 June

    I’m so glad you wrote about dining room rugs. I’m having the hardest time finding one that can withstand pet stains, baby stains and the normal everyday dinner time mess and not break the bank. I went to The Dump a couple months ago and purchased a viscose rug for my dining room. I must not have been in my right state of mind when I decided to purchase a viscose rug for a high traffic area. Two weeks after we made the purchase my dog decides to urinate on it and the cat decides to join him. Luckily I had a protection plan on it but it still ended up being ruined. I was originally told to purchase an indoor/outdoor rug from Dash & Albert but I didn’t listen. I was wondering if they really hold up as well as I was told. I was thinking about getting the Dash & Albert diamond platinum indoor/outdoor rug.

    – Shauna

    P.S. Clayton and I work at Baylor together and he told me about your blog.

    • Grace
      Posted at 02:44h, 26 June

      Shauna, ah yes, the dining room rug problem, tell me about it! I LOVE Dash & Albert rugs and hope to own one myself someday. I’m really sorry about the rug you bought, but if you’re not ready to splurge on the D&A, maybe try a seagrass one like I got. I have had it a year now (hard to believe!), and I have been really happy with it. My only tip for a seagrass or natural fiber rug regarding kids, spills, pets, is that you should blot any messes as much as you can and let dry. These rugs are SO much easier to clean when the spills have dried. I hope that helps! Thanks so much for contacting me and for reading, Clayton speaks very highly of you! G