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AStoriedStyle.com Have you ever had a locket?  I think I had one as a child, but I haven't had one in my adulthood.  The origin of the locket has been lost, though some think the concept may have started in the medieval times when people wore special things in trinket boxes near the skin.  The Victorian Age, however, is when the locket began mounting in popularity. Vbs1 Initially, people during the Victorian times used lockets to remember a loved one, with a lock of hair or a handpainted portrait of the deceased enclosed inside.  The paintings eventually turned to photographs as they became more popular and attainable, and people began giving lockets as reminders of those who love each other.  The lovestruck couple would have a photo on either side of the locket, oftentimes facing each other. [caption id="attachment_7708" align="aligncenter" width="240"]ruby lane ruby lane[/caption] Lockets remained a classic piece of jewelry, but popularity waned until the 1940's when WWII sweetheart jewelry became the fashion.  These lockets were sold everywhere, even the post office! [caption id="attachment_7706" align="aligncenter" width="500"] the vintage bazaar[/caption] And of course, this may be the most famous locket ever.  That Miss Hannigan and her shenanigans... [caption id="attachment_7709" align="aligncenter" width="500"] avon[/caption] Today, the locket is still a source of sentimentality, and it will remain so.  Keeping our loved ones near our hearts will always be in style.  The locket has come a long way from its Victorian styling, and there are some really great options out there!  I have rounded them up for you in one place, and with Love Day quickly approaching, maybe you could drop a hint to your significant other! Here are my favorite modern day lockets...

My brother often laughs at what my husband and I ask each other for Christmas.  In the past, our wish lists have included things like first edition CS Lewis or classic books, antique watercolor paintings, and "a pair of old gates". Then there was the year I got this. In his defense, that was not my only gift.  And we really did need it.  And though it is a bit cliche that women do not want gifts like dustbusters, I really do love a practical gift!

DIY Holiday Hostess Gift

(this is a fun little gift for friends, too!)

With the Christmas season upon us, many of you are heading to holiday parties and get-togethers with friends.  With so many things to do (so many, right?!), it is easy to forget a little gift for your hostess.  Clearly, no hostess is expecting a gift, but it is nice to be able to bring a little something to say thank you for all of the work she has undoubtedly put into the gathering. My advice is to put together a little batch of these gifts to make it easy on yourself to grab and go.  The premise is very simple - cute napkins, ribbon, a few decorations, a little stamping - done.  These napkin gifties take minutes to put together, and are easy on your pocket.  (LESS THAN $10!!) Here's how to make them...