The Locket: A History & A Modern Day Locket Resource List

The Locket: A History & A Modern Day Locket Resource List

Have you ever had a locket?  I think I had one as a child, but I haven’t had one in my adulthood.  The origin of the locket has been lost, though some think the concept may have started in the medieval times when people wore special things in trinket boxes near the skin.  The Victorian Age, however, is when the locket began mounting in popularity.


Initially, people during the Victorian times used lockets to remember a loved one, with a lock of hair or a handpainted portrait of the deceased enclosed inside.  The paintings eventually turned to photographs as they became more popular and attainable, and people began giving lockets as reminders of those who love each other.  The lovestruck couple would have a photo on either side of the locket, oftentimes facing each other.

ruby lane

ruby lane

Lockets remained a classic piece of jewelry, but popularity waned until the 1940’s when WWII sweetheart jewelry became the fashion.  These lockets were sold everywhere, even the post office!

the vintage bazaar

And of course, this may be the most famous locket ever.  That Miss Hannigan and her shenanigans…


Today, the locket is still a source of sentimentality, and it will remain so.  Keeping our loved ones near our hearts will always be in style.  The locket has come a long way from its Victorian styling, and there are some really great options out there!  I have rounded them up for you in one place, and with Love Day quickly approaching, maybe you could drop a hint to your significant other!

Here are my favorite modern day lockets…


 1.  Mint Oval Locket from The Blooming Thread (Etsy)– $30 – The Blooming Thread is known as the place to get simple and colorful lockets.  This locket comes in a myriad of colors, and they are all handmade and hand-painted.  You can even specify the length of chain!

2.  A Moment Saved Necklace from lkfarnsworth (Etsy) – $43 – If you are looking for a locket with beads, this is a pretty one!  It has a bit of a mid century flair, yes?  It also comes with a matching pair of jade green earrings to make a nice set.

3.  Poppy Locket Necklace from NatsukoJewelry (Etsy) – $70 – I love poppies so I think this locket is really sweet.  You can order the poppy in several different colors if you are not fond of the blue.

4.  USB Locket from Urban Butik – $69.95 – If you are a bit of a techie or just want a more modern locket style, you could wear one of these porcelain USB lockets!  They come in several colors and a few different styles so you can plug in and show off your favorite photos any time.

5.  Medallion Locket Pendant from Piperlime – $75 – I really like the Art Deco detailing on this style, and it also comes in a copper and silver metal.  Very modern and fresh!

6.  Brass Locket Necklace from Designs by Ilai (Etsy) – $22 – If you are more of a simple girl, this is the locket for you.  Simple, raw brass, handmade, classic.

7.  Aqua Verdigris & Rose Locket from marigoldmary (Etsy) – $36 – I love nearly anything verdigris so I think this is a lovely choice.  You can choose your chain length on this one, too.

8.  Aviary Fond Memory Necklace from ModCloth – $12.99 – The detailing on this peacock pendant is really cute and makes a statement without going overboard.

9.  Acorn Locket from Madewell – $35 – I’ve seen this in real life, and it is darling!  The pop of blue is really nice, and it would be especially perfect as a nod to autumn months.

10.  Custom Monogrammed Locket Necklaces (SET OF 3!!) from lecollezione (Etsy) – $113.85 – You get three custom monogrammed lockets from this Etsy listing so this would make a fun gift idea for your three favorite friends, or a sweet gift for a mother of two boys (plus a husband) or a mother of three (people or dogs ; ) ).  I like the single letter stamp’s simplicity.

11.  Brass Floral Vines Locket with Bird from PemselandVess (Etsy) – $24.50 – Isn’t this a happy little locket?  The brass locket is vintage, but the bird and chain have been added.

12.  Brass USB Mini Locket from Emily Rothschild – $198 – If you like the USB idea, but want something a little more traditional, you may want an Emily Rothschild USB locket.  She has a few different designs that are all very pretty.  I pictured the mini locket version, but her regular size locket holds a USB, and is very Victorian looking.

13.  Color Study Locket by verabel (Etsy) – $68 –  It is hard to choose which one of these colorful Verabel lockets I like best.  The patterns are all unique and intriguing, and I love her modern view on the classic locket.

14.  Double Strand Locket Necklace from 4ever4 (Etsy) – $27 – This necklace is made from two vintage brass lockets, and I think the look is very fresh.  I love old things being made new!

15.  Geometric Tribal Pattern Locket from mossandmirror (Etsy) – $27 – If you are into ikat and bohemian type patterns, this locket is for you.  I really like the black accent!

16.  Long Locket Necklace With Four Brass Lockets from iheartmies – $33 – Guess who would look just great in this necklace?  ; )  Can’t you just see my favorite little faces in it?  I really like the multiple enclosure locket options.


Because I keep finding lockets I think are interesting, you should definitely check out this pretty vintage rhinestone option, this silver Greek key option from Overstock, and these vibrant enamel options, too.

Which is your favorite?  It’s hard to decide, huh?  Any of you routinely wear a locket?

Written by Grace


  • Landry
    Posted at 13:02h, 04 February Reply

    Hi Grace, I thought this was really interesting and I love the locket ideas! Im a first time commenter on your blog but I wanted to tell you I really enjoy it. I read grace bonney’s post last week about the changing blogging world and the death of comments. I could see her point so im trying to write comments on blogs i really enjoy. your posts seem thoughtful and well written so thanks

    • Grace
      Posted at 14:19h, 04 February Reply

      Hi Landry, what a sweet comment! It’s funny you mention Grace’s post because I have actually been thinking about it quite a bit. I understand why people don’t comment, as I am guilty of reading greats posts that I love and not commenting. It’s not really until you write a blog that you stop to think about it much. I’m actually commenting more on blogs I love, too. I really appreciate you saying that about my posts…I only put posts up that I feel good about or that I am proud of. Most of them take hours to write with the photography and editing and crediting back to original sources if needed. Although I love writing and truly have a passion for interiors and homemaking, the blogging world can be daunting at times. Comments are a great reminder that there are real people out there thinking about your posts and reading them. I see the numbers, I see there are many people reading, but the comments, the interaction is what I thrive on. Perhaps that needs to change in the new Pinterest-filled, inspiration-saturated world we live in. I’m not sure, I’m still figuring it out.

      Thank you for your kind comment and taking the time to write it! G

  • Emily
    Posted at 13:39h, 04 February Reply

    I have always loved lockets and use them in many of my jewelry designs. They are so romantic, non?
    I love what Landry said!!!! Glad she commented, because you deserve it Grace.

    • Grace
      Posted at 14:21h, 04 February Reply

      Oh Emily, I’m so sad I didn’t find your locket when I was searching for this post! I updated my post with a link to that rhinestone beauty you have, love it!

      Thank you, as always, for your kindness and support. G

  • Nina
    Posted at 17:30h, 04 February Reply
    • Grace
      Posted at 19:43h, 04 February Reply

      Nina, that is SO neat! I had not seen one like that, I’m sure she loved it! Thank you so much for taking a moment to send that – I’m bookmarking it for sure. I think my Mom/MIL would love that, too!

  • Danielle
    Posted at 19:50h, 04 February Reply

    Grace – thank you so much for featuring my locket in your post (#7 – aqua verdigris). I love lockets and the history behind them. Your blog is lovely!

    Marigold Mary

    • Grace
      Posted at 20:49h, 04 February Reply

      Hi Danielle, you are so welcome! I LOVE that one, beautiful work! xoxo, G

  • Claire
    Posted at 12:21h, 06 February Reply

    Interesting, informative and fun post! Thank you. I have had three lockets in my life – first from my grandparents as a Christening gift holding photos of my great-grandparents inside. Sadly it vanished in a burglary 🙁 Second was a gift from my father during my early teens. I still have it. I don’t wear it often, and now that I think about it, I would if the chain were longer – so thanks for that prompt! The third locket, I found while thrifting. It’s not gold and oval like the others, but a “1928” brand costume jewelry heart locket on a long thick chain. Nothing is inside it, but I have added to the chain my boys’ stamped initial charms, a golden “wing” and a compass charm to it. I wear it close to my heart and frequently because both my sons are away at school and I miss them. The wing symbolizes spirituality and protection, and the compass is to remind me to stay true.

    • Grace
      Posted at 18:53h, 06 February Reply

      Claire, this comment is so thoughtful, and it is just beautiful. Thank you so much for typing that out. Your sons are very lucky, I am sure. I’m so sorry to hear your locket was stolen, so sad. How special that you still have the one from your father though! I think a long chain is the key to pretty vintage pendants! I can’t imagine my kids going away to school, but I know it will be here before I know it. It makes me sad to even think about it. They’re so little now, and I can still control so much. (though not as much as I would like to at times 😉 ) But when they get big, they’re in control. I’m sure it will be terrifying and lovely to watch all at the same time. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing, G

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