All I Want For Christmas Is A Typewriter??

All I Want For Christmas Is A Typewriter??

My brother often laughs at what my husband and I ask each other for Christmas.  In the past, our wish lists have included things like first edition CS Lewis or classic books, antique watercolor paintings, and “a pair of old gates”.

Then there was the year I got this.

In his defense, that was not my only gift.  And we really did need it.  And though it is a bit cliche that women do not want gifts like dustbusters, I really do love a practical gift!

So on to gifts that are not practical – typewriters.  (well, not practical this day in age)


See how happy she is?  Perhaps no typewriter has achieved the classic Americana status more than the Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter.


The ads alone are just perfect.  I want to print all of these out and put them on a wall.  (I’m pretty sure this is legal, right?)







source for all above ads

In my opinion, Stanley and Doc need to lighten up a bit.  How could you get a gray typewriter when those beautiful colors are available?!

I know there are tons of typewriter fonts out there, but there’s just something special about a real typed note.


Did you know that some typewriters have a cursive font?  If you type “cursive typewriter” into an Ebay search, you will get a list of typewriters with this ability.


You can find vintage typewriters in all different price ranges in all shades of beautiful colors.  From what I can tell, the Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriters are more collectible, and therefore a little more expensive.  Etsy and Ebay are great stops to find a typewriter if you are interested.  And if you are looking for a particular color of typewriter, I would go to Ebay and search “blue typewriter” and sort them from highest price to lowest price.

So what would I do with one?  Well, let’s just be honest, it would look really cute on my desk.  Did you see Lauren Conrad’s gold typewriter in her office?  (full office reveal here)  Le gasp!

I can definitely see myself typing little notes and gift tags, making sweet presents, and simply doing crafty things with it.


Plus how cute is this idea?  To have guests at a party write a note for the person being celebrated?!


Of course, if you have a typewriter that is maybe not quite as pretty and colorful as these others, you could give it a little makeover!  Doesn’t this look great?!

(makeover details featured on design*sponge here)

Some say the widespread use of the typewriter greatly influenced culture as a whole due to the amount of women it brought to the workplace.  (Wouldn’t you go to work if you could type on a pink typewriter?  Kidding.  Clearly.)

(source – read the full paper here)

We think they are cute and fun, but these typewriters probably symbolized freedom to many women.  (Think Skeeter from “The Help” not wanting to just sit around and wait to get married.)


Have you ever typed on a typewriter?  ( I typed a few things for school during my elementary years.  I still remember that funny typewriter eraser for when you made mistakes.)


Written by Grace

  • husband
    Posted at 15:53h, 11 December Reply

    Is that the car vacuum? Please make it clear to everyone that I did not get you that!

    • Grace
      Posted at 15:57h, 11 December Reply

      HA!! What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be working, sweetheart? 😉 No, this is not the car vacuum, this is the dust buster you gave me Christmas 2010 (see you hiding in the photo behind me?). Great gift, honey! It’s still going strong. xoxo

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