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Are you thinking about kids Halloween costumes yet?  A fun week is ahead on AStoriedStyle because for the next few days, I will be sharing a Halloween costume from Pottery Barn Kids and a simple DIY to go along with each one! My three year old daughter has recently changed her favorite color from pink to purple so when we saw this Butterfly Fairy costume, she was beyond excited.  Since it already comes with a wand, wings, and a crown, there wasn't much accessorizing to do.  Therefore, I knew we could have fun with hair and makeup. After some brainstorming, I knew I wanted her to have "antenna hair" so I played around and came up with this tutorial for you.  It is really easy and looks super darling!


I've got more Fall related activities, decor, and food ideas this week, EASY party food (that looks straight up professional), plus find out what to do with makeup to make your skin glow!

  [caption id="attachment_6787" align="aligncenter" width="600"]jones design company jones design company[/caption] 1.  How To Autumn Dot Trees (kids project) - I LOVE this idea, and have had it up on my computer all week.  This could be really cute fall decor for your home, or you could turn it into a "Happy Fall" card.  So easy, so cute, any child of any age could do it.  I kind of want to be BFF's with Jones Design Company, her blog and projects and ideas are beautiful.  (and her thoughts are honest and heartfelt)   [caption id="attachment_6785" align="aligncenter" width="573"]she's in the glow she's in the glow[/caption]

This next "Pinterest Taught Me How To" is dedicated to my three-yeard-old daughter, whom I had this exact conversation with this past week.

Daughter:  Mommy, you have blood under your eyes.

Me:  What?  No, I don't!  Where do you see blood?  

Daughter:  Right there (pointing), the red and pink and purple.

Me:  (realization hits)  No honey, that's not blood, those are called dark circles.  

Ah the beautiful honesty of children!

Last week, I gave you all a sneak peek of the tile floor in our Addition, and asked your opinion on whether we should do matte or glossy tile.  There were lots of great comments on what you would choose and why, and my husband and I read them all and talked about it thoroughly. I was still having such a hard time deciding...I was afraid the matte would look too dull and uninspired, and I was worried the glossy would make the floor look too new or modern in our old house.  Therefore, I planned a little experimentation to help steer our direction.