It’s the Little Things

Many of you may remember this post from last year when I shared my Thanksgiving table scheme ideas.   thanksgiving table That table was so pretty (still love it!), but I received the most comments on the Table Grace cards I told you about.  I had received a set from my dear friend, Kelly Kay, and I talked about how they had become a family tradition of ours during the holidays.

"It's all in the details", they say, and I would have to agree.  A beautiful space is more than just lovely furniture, it's about texture, it's about the color story, it's about the feeling you get when you enter the space.  It's about the meaning and the story behind what is chosen for the room.  Clearly, this element is especially important to me.  (hello my blog name : ) )

    If you remember my previous post about my closet turned laundry room, you probably recall how this "room" used to look like this. AStoriedStyle.comWe took part of my husband's closet to make this area a little bigger, and it has been great to have a good laundry space upstairs since that is where all of the bedrooms are.  I have been wanting to decorate it a little more intentionally, and I knew I needed something smashing in there lighting wise.  This is an area of my home that can feel dark since it is off a long hallway, and the light I had before was not cutting it. A few weeks ago, I found this chandelier on Ebay, and I fell in love.  I have seen many, many bamboo chandeliers in my life, but I have never seen one like this.

I posted the above image on my Instagram yesterday (follow me @astoriedstyle), and it made me think of a recent conversation I had with a friend.  She was telling me she thought she was terrible at accessorizing, and we were talking through it.  I actually am not very knick knacky and prefer my rooms to have a few pretty vignettes, snapshots if you will, of pleasant arrangements, and that's it.  First of all, let's just be honest, I do not like dust-catchers, and that is what a bunch of accessories everywhere feels like to me.  And also, I think you can make your spaces more personal through a few well-appointed items.