It's been awhile since I posted my writing for P&G Everyday's "Home Made Simple" so I thought I would link to a few of my favorite articles.  I think there is some good info and ideas in here, so enjoy! Five Indoor Houseplants You Can't Kill - I know many of you out there feel like you have a black thumb.  Well, you need not fear.  I have tracked down five houseplants that are nearly impossible to kill!  I mean, you could do it if you tried really hard, but...


Hello, and welcome to this week's "Pinterest Taught Me How To"!  Hope you enjoy these how to's - I had fun picking these out this week!

  [caption id="attachment_7572" align="aligncenter" width="600"] owner-builder network[/caption] 1.  How To Make A DIY Chalkboard Glass - These would be so fun for a party!  Not to mention these are easy to make!  Dip them in chalkboard paint, let them dry, and have guests write their names on their own glass.   [caption id="attachment_7570" align="aligncenter" width="530"]source unknown source unknown[/caption] 2.  How To Paint A Fun Geometric Wall - I think this could look so great in a teenage boys room or really anywhere!  I love a good, simple DIY!  ( I could not find a source for the life of me, but the photo explains it pretty well.)   [caption id="attachment_7571" align="aligncenter" width="620"]poppytalk poppytalk[/caption]

January is the month of organizing, is it not?  Fresh start, fresh eyes, the holidays and all of the ensuing craziness is behind us, and we want to find a way to make our lives a little easier and a little more calming solutions.  It sounds a bit silly to type that, but it's true, right?  I have been trying to reorganize one area a week - one drawer, one closet, one little space.  I will share some of these soon, but I thought this week's Pinterest Taught Me How To should include easy, "you could do this in one day" storage solutions. [caption id="attachment_7487" align="aligncenter" width="506"]our fifth house our fifth house[/caption] 1.  How To Make Window Box Storage - I really like to use baskets on a wall as storage, and this idea is so simple and really great looking!  You could take any basket and add a little loop of twine or ribbon to make them hang on the wall, but the baskets used here are actually wicker window boxes from Lowes!  Therefore, they already have the loop, and you know they will be good and strong.  You could buy these and some hooks, and be good to go in an hour or so.