Secret Sources: Premier Prints Fabric

Secret Sources: Premier Prints Fabric

Welcome to my first “Secret Sources” post.  Quite often, I am asked,

Where did you get that?  Where did you find this?

Therefore, I thought I would let you in on my little secrets.  Maybe.  I think.  No really, today is my first reveal.

Do you know about Premier Prints?  Or perhaps if you do, you need an update on their new designs, or a reminder this company exists?

Premier Prints is a terrific source for affordable fabric.  If you want the look of what you see in magazines, but don’t have a lot to spend, their website is a great place to start.  Most of their patterns are available in multiple color options.  Samples can be ordered, too, which is nice for color matching, and  viewing the texture.

For example, love this fabric from West Elm?  Me too.  It’s $30 a yard.  Fine if you want to make a couple of pillows.  Bad if you need four panels for your living room.

West Elm, Paisley Print

Premier Prints to the rescue.  $13.99 a yard

Premier Prints, Bailey in Black/Linen

Here’s another West Elm fabric I love, though there are other companies that make a similar design. $30 a yard

West Elm, Ikat Print

Not to worry.  $11.99 a yard

Premier Prints, Chipper in Storm

Adore the DwellStudio “Owls Sky” baby/kids line?

Dwell Studio, Owls Sky

Check out Premier Prints’ new fabric, “Hooty”.  $11.99 a yard

Premier Prints, Hooty in Summerland/Natural

Seeing red?  Waverly Garden Lattice in Crimson.  $49.99 a yard.

Waverly Garden Lattice, Crimson

A little brighter, but $15.99 a yard.

Premier Prints, Alice in Adventurous Red/Denton

I will forever love this fabric.  Clarence House Flowering Quince, I heart thee.  However, I do not delight in your $225 a yard price.

Clarence House, Flowering Quince

This price is better at $17.80 a yard, yes?

Braemore, Flowering Branch

Even better.  $11.99 a yard

Premier Prints, Mikado in Lipstick/Chocolate

If you know me, you know I love birds!  Robert Allen for Dwell Studio’s Vintage Blossom fabric is so lovely.  $24.99 a yard

Robert Allen for DwellStudio, Vintage Blossom in Citrine

A little different, but still a great option.  $13.99 a yard

Premier Prints, Barber in Corn Yellow/Kelp Slub

Although I don’t know how appetizing “corn yellow” and “kelp slub” make a fabric.  ??!!  Hey Premier Prints, let me help you name your fabrics.  How about “Goldenrod/Dove”.  Much better, right?

In case you are wondering, yes, I have some Premier Print fabric in my home!  This chevron fabric makes perfect curtains in my boys’ room and covers some throw pillows in my living room.  $11.99 a yard

Premier Prints, Zig Zag in Village Blue/Natural

It wears great – a little wipe-wipe, and it cleans really well.  (if you have kids or pets, this is key!)  In the past, I also used it on kitchen bar stools for a client after I had the fabric laminated.  (she wanted a surface that was very wipeable!)  Premier Prints’ fabric laminates extremely well.  You can do a quick Google search to find someone who laminates fabric in your area fairly easily.  Or there are online companies happy to provide this service, too.

What I love about the price is I find it mentally advantageous.  If something happened to the fabric, I would not be completely broken hearted.

Enjoy looking around their site, and tell me what you think!  Is there a place for Premier Prints Fabric in your home?  What is your favorite pattern?

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