Round Top Recap Week: Day 4 – The If Only’s…

Round Top Recap Week: Day 4 – The If Only’s…

We only had two days at Round Top, and if you have ever been to Round Top, you know that is not near enough.  Nonetheless, that is plenty of time to see quite a bit (especially if you are with me – I MOVE). Today’s pictures are items I loved and could not have or did not need…my “if only’s”.

I love linen.  And ruffles.  And farmhouse tables.  Therefore, the table/tablecloth below caught my eye.  Put some chairs around this table that are not ruffle-y and a bit more contemporary, and you have yourself something special.

These faux bois sconces were seriously spectacular, and the scale of them in real life was perfection.  They were $475.  Each.

The rectangular shades make them for sure!

I adore French upholstery. This French settee WITH porcelain blue velvet fabric WITH Greek key detailing was definitely picture-worthy.  The framed antique masks are pretty cool, too.

What a stunning set!  Lucite with cowhide seats, and that marble top, oh my!  It sold the first day.

Trim, trim, trim.  There was beautiful trim everywhere.  I didn’t have a project in mind at the time that needed any, but I think trim is a very underutilized aspect of room design.  It’s all in the details, folks!

We have a little side yard at our house that looks very unloved.  Slowly, we are beginning to form a plan for it that may involve a very long zinc top table.  We liked this particular design, and I would even consider a fun color for the base.

I know they are so trendy right now, but I believe Tolix chairs are something I will still like when they are old news.  This color combination is really pleasing.

Oyster stick is so intriguing to me.  I think shell prints framed in oyster stick is a bit overkill, but I admire the grouping with the mirror.  This collection over a lacquered white console with colorful accessories would be dynamite.


Spun fiberglass is a look I love because it is so versatile.  Great outdoors, really cool indoors, indestructible, and you can easily change the color to suit your mood with a can of spray paint.  This set of four barstools is neat, but we have a table and four chairs right now at Gypsy Soul Interiors.  You can always click the “Available Pieces” tab to see what Kristen and I have in stock!

Okay, follow me here…my husband and I thought this metal cabinet would make such an awesome dresser in our bedroom.  We really considered it, but in the end, decided to pass because: a. it was expensive, b. we were afraid it wasn’t really practical, and c. I was worried it was a little too out there.

I thought it would be interesting to label each cabinet with what was inside.

Here’s something else that was out there!  This marionette theater is so fascinating!  It was clearly created by a true artist and was just breathtaking.

Its owner was so happy I took such an interest in it and had me take a million pictures because she was afraid I hadn’t captured this angle or that angle of the puppets.  I am so mesmerized by them!  Wouldn’t this be a great conversation piece in a home?!!

And finally, my favorite “if-only”.  It was sold (you can see the tag), and I can’t remember what the price was, but I recall it being very reasonable.  I would have bought it for sure!  This antique lunchroom table was so unique – the seats swivel in and out!  Love it.  Maybe someday I will find another one.

Tomorrow marks the finale of Round Top Recap Week, and I am ending it with one of my favorite subjects. Dessert!

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