Available Pieces

If you love incredible, hard-to find vintage furniture pieces, your gypsy soul will be happy here.

Before having my fourth baby, my brother and I sadly closed the space we operated at a local antique store. Even though my booth was physically closed, the thrill of the hunt for amazing finds was still in my heart and soul. Slowly, I watched my garage fill and fill and fill with all of my treasures that had nowhere to go, until my sweet friend, Kristen, said “why don’t we just do this together?” Of course, I readily agreed, and it has been a great fit! My husband has called me “his little gypsy” for years, so it was obviously meant to be. Kristen started Gypsy Soul Interiors in 2007 when she was pregnant with her little girl, and it has blossomed into a well known stop for amazing pieces since then. Actually, before we joined up, I had been a fan of hers for years, and always frequented her booth in the Dallas Design District when I was in the Big D. Now we work together running the biz, having a ball bringing you our treasures. Currently, most of our items are located at the incredibly beautiful and chic store, Scout Design Studio, in the Dallas Design District. Please stop by Monday through Saturday 10-6 at 155 Howell Street.

If you are not local, we have drivers going all over the country. Please contact us for further info.

You should check out the Gypsy Soul Interiors blog: http://gypsysoulinteriors.com/

The pictures you see below are the items we currently have available. Items may be purchased through Facebook or through Scout Design Studio. Please feel free to visit the GypsySoulInteriors Facebook page (please note our Facebook name is all one word: GypsySoulInteriors) directly for more information if you would like to take a peek. We offer delivery in the DFW area, and painting, lacquering, and upholstery services as well. “Wish lists” are available, so let us know if you are on the hunt for that certain piece. We will also do color, paint, and fabric consultations, and take on a limited number of interior design projects.