Progress On My Girls’ Room

Progress On My Girls’ Room

My girls’ room is sloooowwwwly beginning to make some progress.  Check out the amazing monogram that will be on my girls’ headboards!  The beds are antique – I bought them on Ebay, and I think they are going to be stunning!

I also want to set up a play kitchen and dining area and a little grocery store for them.  I found this market by a ‘new to me’ toy company called Janod (pronounced j-nod) out of France.  After immediately falling in love with it, and probably spending a little too much energy searching for it, I have sadly faced the fact that no Janod retailer in the US sells it, and to get it over here from overseas would be $500+.  So it’s a no-go, but beautiful nonetheless.

Janod Grocery Market

It has been a bit easier in recent years to find toys I like, but I am rather particular about them.  Just like the spaces I design, I prefer toys to be natural, inductive of creativity, and beautiful, which typically means…not plastic.  Though I have sadly wrenched my heart from the Janod Market, I did find this one from One Step Ahead I think might work.  There is some cherry red in the curtains in that room so it will coordinate nicely, I think.  It’s also wooden so that makes me happy.  The chalkboard awning and display is pretty cute, too.

One Step Ahead Pretend Store

For the play dining area, I purchased the Pottery Barn Kids Farmhouse Table in Weathered Pine after a fruitless search for a farmhouse table made from reclaimed wood (like the one we eat on every day).  I even pondered finding a reclaimed coffee table and using that as a kids table, but I could not find one where the dimensions worked.  I suppose I could have one made, but I am sure it is $$$, and I snagged the PBK table on sale with free shipping.  I decided on the Weathered Pine color because I thought it would wear better – I think PBK’s painted finishes chip easily.  I like it, but it had such a strong smell when I got it that I was disappointed.  The finish is not as “weathered” as I would prefer either.  I don’t usually like manufactured furniture like this, but we’ll see…I may love it when I pick the chairs!

Pottery Barn Kids Farmhouse Table in Weathered Pine

Ah the chairs…of course, I like the mismatched dining table/chair look so the search has been on for awhile now.  I pondered many of these from this great post on one of my favorite blogs, Little Green Notebook.

Little Green Notebook’s post on Kids Chairs

But then I got on Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s website (big mistake!  I LOVE their play furniture for kids!!!) and oohed and aahed for a good thirty minutes.  If I had my druthers, I would pick these.

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s Vintage Steel Chair

Or these.


Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s Mini Vintage French Chair

Oh, and I would also get this dining table.  I mean…

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s French Extension Dining Table

If you have some spare time and love miniature versions of gorgeous furniture, you should check this link out.

A mini Chesterfield, what??!!

More to come on my girls’ room.  Have you been working on a kids room lately?

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