Pinterest Taught Me How To: Volume V

Pinterest Taught Me How To: Volume V


Happy Friday, everyone!  Let’s jump right in, shall we?  I’ve got some practical ideas for you this week!


1.  How To Waterproof Your Shoes – You guys, I am hard on my shoes.  Hard.  I think all of those cute little canvas Sperry shoes that are so popular right now would really benefit from this picture tutorial.  Bees wax and a hair dryer?  Never would have thought of that in a million years!  Totally trying this on my cloth shoes!



2.  How To Use Aloe Vera On Your Hair –  Is your hair dry from the summer heat?  Use this article to learn how to use aloe vera to treat it.  Also, did you know aloe vera can cure dandruff?  Me either!  Yet another great use for this easy indoor plant.



3.  How to Remove Blackheads Naturally –  I am super curious to try this and see if it works or not.  It has really favorable reviews in the comments.  Plus my nose would smell amazing, ha.



4.  How To Clean A Chandelier – How often do you clean your chandeliers?  I can sheepishly tell you, we have lived here a little over two years, and I have still not taken apart the chandeliers in this house and cleaned them.  Granted, my fixtures are nearly a hundred years old, and way more intricate than the one in the picture, but still, I need to do it!  I think I would be a little nervous to put the parts in the dishwasher.  Maybe on the delicate setting??


How to Make a Basket Liner


5.  How To Make a Basket Liner – I tried to make a basket liner once, and it turned out okay.  Actually, it was terrible.  This was before Pinterest.  Getting some cute, cheapie baskets and using coordinating fabrics as liners to tie in the colors in your room could be a really budget friendly decor strategy.  Especially in kids rooms!  I would wash all of my fabric before I sewed the liners so I could just take them off and wash them as needed.  Washable is key, am I right?

Have a fun and festive weekend!  See ya Monday.

Written by Grace

  • Emily
    Posted at 09:09h, 26 July Reply

    These were great!
    I don’t see how the bees wax with fade away, just by putting a blow dryer on it, but I am willing to experiment with some of my less favorite shoes!

    • Anonymous
      Posted at 11:43h, 26 July Reply

      Hi Grace,
      I am glad you are still learning!I am know retired from TCS.Have a great day!
      Cheryl Luttrell

      • Grace
        Posted at 02:36h, 30 July Reply

        Oh Miss Luttrell! So good to hear from you! Yes, definitely still learning. 🙂 The older I get, the more I realize I still need to learn. TCS has lost an amazing teacher, but I hope you are enjoying your retirement.

        Love you, G

    • Grace
      Posted at 02:34h, 30 July Reply

      Emily, hmmm…good thought. Worth a try though, right? I’d love to hear how it goes!

  • Jesse May
    Posted at 14:42h, 26 July Reply

    Thanks for sharing these! I’m LOVING all the tutorials on using natural ingredients to take care of things around the house, and I can’t wait to check out the first three links you shared!

    • Grace
      Posted at 02:36h, 30 July Reply

      Thanks Jesse! Let me know your experience if you try one! I really want to do the lemon and honey! G

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