Ombre, Ombre!!

Ombre, Ombre!!

No, I’m not talking about this.

I’m sorry, I just cannot get on board with the hair.  I understand it saves everyone money and all, which I am totally for, but this looks strange to me.

But this?  This does not look strange.

House Beautiful

The Connaught Hotel, London

With the ombre trend, I find you need to tread lightly.  There is a fine line between ombre glamor and ombre…well, not.

Pink sliding doors?  Sure, they’re fun!

House Beautiful

Alas, I thought about posting a “not” picture, but it felt too mean.  Especially since I would need to credit the image.  Therefore, I have a few ombre (pronounced ohm-bray; French for shaded/gradiation of color) tips for you:

  • If you are painting a dresser, and using the drawer fronts as your ombre effect, paint the frame of your piece white or cream.  It will look more professional and crisp in the end.

Fig Tree

  • Use a gradiation of color, just as the meaning of the word implies.  Harsh changes in the pigment look juvenile.
  • Let the ombre shine.  If you’re using it as a major element in a room, don’t have too much color or too many other attention grabbers.  It will be too much for the eye to take in.
  • Let the ombre have a soft transition rather than harsh stripes of color when used on a wall or as curtains.

Do you really really love this idea?  Try it on an entire wall or commit to a tile pattern.

Vanni Archive

Elle Decor

Feeling a little more timid?  Experiment with some pretty bedding.

Vera Wang


Or make a beautiful cake!

Eddie Ross


I. seriously. love. these.  (and they’re on sale! – hmmm…I wonder how closely my hubby follows the blog)


This rug is pretty awesome, too.  (seen here)

West Elm


I get super excited about doable aesthetic art, and this is genius.  Create ombre art using paint chips!  Check the tutorial out here for this one.


This one is neat, too.  Tutorial here. You don’t even want to know how many paint chips are stashed in my house.  I could make art for days, let’s just say that.

Young House Love


Of course, I have my own little ombre project up my sleeve.  Come back tomorrow to see the result!