diy watercolor paint Something you may not know about me is that I used to be teacher, a teacher of the Deaf.  I taught children ranging in age from pre-K to high school for a few years, and then I became a language therapist working with families of hearing impaired babies ages 0-3 in their homes.  I loved my students and families and still remember them fondly - I often sign things in my head when I am talking, it just comes naturally after awhile.  Teaching the Deaf is a very visual and expressive experience, so I think my love of color and styling really helped with that. While I was going through some old boxes recently, I found some of my teaching materials and this paint recipe, and it inspired the theme for my Home Depot Challenge this year.  I knew my kids would really enjoy making the paint and mixing the colors.  I took advantage of this project to teach them about the color wheel, too. This process is really easy, and all you need is probably in your pantry right now.  Here is the recipe... If you follow me on Instagram, you caught the sneak peek of the gorgeous art in my nearly done Master Bathroom.  It was painted by my dear friend, Kristen Dowd, who creates these beautiful abstracts.  (she does custom work, too!) I always oooh and aaaah over the work Kristen posts, but this particular painting really spoke to me.   It has so much emotion in it.  I think if I were to give advice on art, I would say to choose what moves you.  If you see a piece of art that stirs something in you, go for it.  Art is so personal, and the couple of pieces I have are ones that struck me immediately. How awesome is my view from the tub going to be?

I know people often get up in arms about art in the bathroom, but after having a conversation with an art preservation specialist at a local museum, I feel great about it.  He basically said he would not put a 500 year old masterpiece in a bathroom, but today's oils and acrylics can withstand the small amount of condensation a shower puts out.  Now if you have a steam shower, this changes the game a bit, and he said you may need to rethink art in the bathroom at all. This art piece will be set apart from the shower too, and since it is not right next to it, I feel even better about putting it in our bathroom.  Plus once I got the painting into the house, I tried it in several different places and loved them all, but the bathroom spot was perfect.