DIY Knife Blocks & Ice Ice Baby

DIY Knife Blocks & Ice Ice Baby

I’ve been in Atlanta soaking up some amazing speakers at the Design Bloggers Conference the past few days, and I am on my way home now.  In fact, this post is coming to you from the clouds this early morning.  I’m missing my husband and babies, of course, so I am ready to get home!

I wanted to share with you two of my favorite articles I recently wrote for P+G Everyday.  I think they have lots of useful information, and I like sharing articles with you that I save for myself to refer back to.

First up, knife blocks…I see these in the store, and they are super expensive, right?  The thing is, you can save yourself some money by buying a nice set of knives and making your own knife block.

p+g everyday

p+g everyday


These DIY options look darn good, and I like the organic feel to them.


Next up, ice ice baby…

No, I’m not talking about this guy.

vanilla ice


But there are some great uses for ice I did not know about until I did some research for this article.  These are practical, everyday ideas.


I mean, have you ever been perplexed on how to remove gum?  Read on for all the info, friends.

These articles are always short and sweet, highlighting the bullet points you need to know about.  I know you guys are busy!  If you ever have any feedback, or have an idea for a practical how-to you would like to know more information on, shoot me an email.  I always reply.

See you tomorrow.

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