Vintage Americana Baby Shower Part 1: Decor

Vintage Americana Baby Shower Part 1: Decor

You are going to want to take a minute today and soak in all of the details!  If you remember the beautiful Vintage Americana baby shower invitation I shared with you a few weeks ago, then I know you have been excited to see the photos from the actual event.  Today I will focus on decor, and tomorrow, I will get to the super important stuff: food.  Plus the mother-to-be’s reaction (priceless, by the way!)

I also want to give oodles of accolades, several rounds of applause, and overflowing thanks to Kat Phillips, of, who provided all of these beautiful images and was the mastermind of this event.

Let’s get started…

The decor began outside.  Linen flags (I believe they had been starched to retain their shape) were lining the sidewalk as guests approached.

Once inside, you walked through a pair of yellow french doors (remember this post?) into the living room.  We rearranged the living room to accommodate lots of people utilizing the dining room chairs and other chairs, benches, etc. found in the house.

Notice the:

1.  navy burlap bunting banner threaded with rope

2.  vintage Dick & Jane cards adorning the vintage seed packet holder in the left window, and on the mantle

3.  the vintage cross stitch with frame on the mantle which had a sweet little poem about “dishes and sweeping can wait, I’m rocking my baby”

4.  vintage blue typewriter with large heart typed out on the paper in the right window

5.  vintage little boy navy tie in red frame

You can see some of the details a little better here.  An American flag was draped over a pair of wooden benches so guests would have a place to set their cup and plate.

The Dick & Jane cards lent such a charming touch to the feel of the shower.  I picked up a full box of them a few years ago at the flea market for $40.  I remember almost not buying them because I was worried $40 was too much.  I have since seen the individual cards for $8 a piece!  We have used them for so many different events, they were a good buy!

I love love love the vintage red, white, and blue hankies tied together to create this bunting.  How sweet is this?!

In this post, I told you about the vintage postcards we included in the baby shower invitation for people to send to the Mother-to-Be with encouragement, blessings, etc.  We had extra, so they were placed in an old drawer filled with pinto beans to hold them upright.  Guests could write on them with pens provided and drop them in the cute little leather strap glass canister (found at Home Goods).  Notice the darling framed vintage cross stitch samplers behind the post card display.  I found them at the Chelsea Flea when I was in NYC a couple of months ago.

This vintage headboard made into a chalkboard is always in my dining room.  It graces different verses, “Happy Birthday’s”, inspirational quotes, and phrases throughout the year.  For this event, I wrote a condensed “How To Be An All-American Boy” list on it.

Also in the dining room, this bunting made of paint samples and stitched on a sewing machine draped a doorway.

Hostesses were to wear red, white and blue, or a combination of those colors and red lipstick.  Vintage flair to your outfit or hair were a bonus.

All in celebration of this lovely lady and precious baby boy.

Come back tomorrow for the yumminess.  Here is a sneak peek plus one of the beautiful hostesses.  How picturesque is she here with that gorgeous red hair?!

  • Shelley Vidrine
    Posted at 12:20h, 16 October

    Thanks so much for sharing these pics. I love your beautiful home & it was so great getting to meet your precious children & husband. I look forward to “snooping” tomorrow to see what else you have posted. Thanks for your sweet friendship with Kelly. All my friends ask, “Does she have any ugly friends?” Of course I say No!!

  • Grace
    Posted at 20:45h, 16 October

    Thank you, Shelley! So glad you enjoyed it!