Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

I love the color green.  I am super into emerald green as of late.

When I saw vertical gardens a few years ago, I knew I wanted one in my home someday.   They are “green” in more ways than one: you can make them out of recyclable materials, they purify the air around them, and they also aid in regulating temperature.  I also think they are such a great option for city  dwellers and renters!  Though they are a fairly simple DIY project, there are some great pre-made options as well.

But first, I thought we could do a little globe trotting to see what other countries have done with this idea.

Musee du quai Branly – Paris, France

BHV Homme – Paris, France

Pershing Hall Hotel – Paris, France

CaixaForum – Madrid, Spain

CaixaForum – Madrid, Spain

Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Paragon Shopping Center

Netherlands – this home is lined in felt. So neat!

Beautiful, yes?

I would love for my house to look like this.

I can’t imagine trying to keep that alive during a Texas summer!  I will just have to settle for a smaller scale vertical garden which will be lovely AND practical.

Urban Zeal Planters

flora grubb

Chicago Botanic Garden

A few companies out there offer some ready-made options.

These felt pockets from Grandin Road are nice and on sale!  You may choose a green or brown option, and you may configure them any way you like.

Grandin Road

Bummer these are out of stock right now, but these indoor wall kits from the Gardeners Supply Company are pretty, too.  The natural wood gives them a rustic/urban feel.

Gardeners Supply Company

One of my very favorite ready-made options is this Chalkboard Wall Planter from Williams-Sonoma.  I relish the idea of growing my herbs in my kitchen, and them smelling and looking delicious.  And being able to write the name of each herb on the board?!  Love.


The Urban Zeal Planters company has some terrific options as well.  I like the modern sleek look of this one – you should definitely check out their site!

Urban Zeal Planters

Lowes also has a pretty tutorial on how to create a moss and succulent garden from a trellis.  This is an awesome low-maintenance idea since all you would have to do is spritz it every now and then.

Lowes Creative Ideas

Suzanne Forsling created an attractive outdoor garden using rainwater gutters.  You could definitely do this inside as well.  Get all the info here.

Suzanne Forsling

Design Sponge has this tutorial on how to turn a pallet into a vertical garden.  Guess what I have in the garage right now?  Two pallets.

Design Sponge

This tutorial from “Life On The Balcony” has nice details on how to create a pallet garden also.

What do you think?

Is there room in your home for a vertical garden?

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