That Time I Wrote A Gift Guide

That Time I Wrote A Gift Guide

I was super honored and excited to have been chosen to write one of the Better Homes & Gardens Gift Guides this year.  Quite fittingly, I penned their “Gift Guide For Kids” since we do have a few of those around here, and a few toys, I might add.  For those of you who love early shopping and have it all done before Thanksgiving (no, I’m not envious at all), I thought you would like some ideas for the special small people in your life.

Although I would buy all of the items in my gift guide, I did want to share a few favorites with you.  This wooden pattern toy has been quite beloved in our house the last few years.  There are a few different patterns you can do (the train is one of our faves), and the colors are fun and bright.

If you have little sweet babies in your life, the car seat gallery lived in my vehicle for a few years.  You can change the pictures to give baby something new to look at, and it’s really easy since you have pictures stored behind the pictures that are showing.  I would love to see my newborn’s widened eyes soaking in the pattern and color.  Sweet memories.



Perhaps my favorite item on this entire list is the PlayMe Rolling Garden Toy.  My older kids still love this toy (which piece will make it down the track the fastest, etc.), and it is terrific for tracking skills in the little ones.  Each piece that rolls down the track makes a different sound, and this may sound silly, but they all sound really pleasant.  Big thumbs up from this Mom.

I know my kids would also love this art desk,



and this scissors set.

I do hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for the munchkins in your life whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or dear friend.  Let me know if you have any questions about anything!


P.S.  I’m sure you have noticed I have been “out” more than “in” this week.  I’ve got some big projects I’m working on, and I promise to share as soon as I can!  Please bear with me while I get through the next week or two.  I will definitely still be posting (and I will have the ornament garland tutorial and other tutorials from the Home Depot Christmas space up soon), it just may not be five days a week.  Thank you so much for your support!  xoxo

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