San Francisco Trip + Alt

San Francisco Trip + Alt

Last week, I attended Alt San Francisco and got to soak up some sweet time afterwards with one of my favorite families.  Since I was still on a bit of a high from Alt NYC in Martha Land, I was interested to see the difference between the NYC version and the San Fran version.  (this is the first year for Alt San Francisco)  Although I didn’t originally plan to attend both events, things fell into place much to my surprise, and I was happy to get the opportunity, especially since it made a way for me to have a few days of good face-to-face time with old friends who moved from Texas to that area a few years ago.

When I got there, I claimed my rental car, and proceeded to drive (which feels like being on a roller coaster, wowsers!) to the Fairmont Hotel where Alt was being held.  You guys, this hotel is absolutely gorgeous!  It’s a historic hotel, and the lobby alone, is worth stopping in to see.  Marble and chandeliers like I have never seen!

The plant life and grounds are stunning.

I loved the pairing of the bamboo headboard and Williamsburg-era patterned drapery in my room.

The Alt sponsored dinners are always delicious, and the one I attended (thanks Bing!) did not disappoint.  It was held at the Boulevard restaurant.

The theme was “Vintage Glam”, and I had fun picking out my outfit.  I went with a 1920’s look.  (which I decided I loved after my Great Gatsby post)

I wrapped my hair up around that headband, and wore what I think may be one of my favorite dresses ever.  It is interesting and delicate.

The next day, the Alt speakers were inspiring, of course, and I was happy to chat with everyone there.  A special highlight of Alt SF was the trip to Pinterest headquarters.  Pinterest’s founder, Ben Silbermann was there, along with his enthusiastic staff.

Of course, what was I staring at?  How it was decorated, no doubt.

Wouldn’t you expect quirky old cameras and typewriters and a robot collection?  Not to mentions pink plastic flamingoes and a croquet set?

Experiences like this make Alt great and exciting, but um, hello, they give hand massages at Alt, an awesome, unexpected perk.  (courtesy of Joss&Main – thank you!)

But the time passed quickly, the conference was over, and it was time to see sweet friends and enjoy the city.

My most favorite restaurant meal of the trip was definitely my visit to French Blue in the quaint downtown area of St. Helena.  You must go if you are ever in San Fran!  It is beautifully designed while feeling comfortable and elegant, and I kind of wish it was my house.

I would love to create a similar ambiance to this in my addition.

They have a lovely outside patio area which is where we sat.

You may think strawberries and tomatoes are a strange combination, but along with the bread and freshly made cheese, this dish was absolutely scrumptious.  Everything was so fresh, and the ambiance was light and happy.

On Saturday, we headed to the farmers market.  The San Francisco Farmers Market was by far the most beautiful fresh market I have ever seen!  I would probably be there every weekend if I lived there!  Vibrant produce surrounds you at every turn (like the mushroom basket below), though there are a few pieces that are “cosmetically challenged”.  (still $2 a pound??!!)

I thought the yellow-green color of these sunflowers was so unique.  But assuredly, the best part of my trip to San Francisco was the precious company.  Miss them already, sigh.  (pardon the cheesy look on my face here, not sure what is happening with that)

My heart is always at home though, and I had a happy homecoming.  I’m so so thankful for all of these faces plus my trooper husband!

All photos in this post that are not watermarked are courtesy of the Alt flickr photostream and were taken by the lovely Alt photographer, Brooke.

Written by Grace

  • Emily
    Posted at 13:50h, 23 July Reply

    What a great trip! I love your Great Gatsby look, you are so lovely!
    San Fran is one of my favorite cities. We lived there for about 2 years in the late 90’s and we will most likely be back there some day. And, we stayed in St. Helena while visiting Napa just a little over a week ago. You captured French Blue perfectly!!!

    • Grace
      Posted at 09:13h, 24 July Reply

      Thanks Emily! Wow, how wonderful. San Fran is a bit too cold for me, I like HEAT! Napa was perfect!

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