Round Top Recap Week: Day 3 – Simply Swedish

Round Top Recap Week: Day 3 – Simply Swedish

I love Gustavian style.  It is charming, simple, and pure.  Milk paint, beautiful carving, and lovely details make a piece decidedly swedish.  If you are like me and love this look, but don’t want your home to look too untouchable or cold, mix in a few modern or contemporary elements to achieve a balance that looks chic and collected.

My desire for a swedish Mora clock, highlighted in this post, ensured I spent quite a bit of time at Jeffree Turney’s of Lone Star Antiques booth during my visit to Round Top.

Of course, I was salivating over these Mora clocks – it was so thrilling to see them all lined up in real life!  In fact, my favorite clock, as mentioned in my previous post, was at the show.  Look close, and you will see a red “sold” sticker.  Sigh, it’s not mine.  It’s okay though, my pocketbook was not full enough to bring one of these home.  

I did sneak a peek at the price tag and found it amusing.  He’s exactly right.

One little note about the Mora clocks he sells…I was slightly disappointed when I saw the faces of the clocks up close.  They are paper copies and not genuine.  Mr. Turner said the faces are usually in bad shape so that is how they compensate.  Since I am a purist, I inquired.  He told me  he would provide customers the original face upon request.  I felt the copied faces mildly cheapened the look of the clock.  It simply wasn’t the authenticity I desire if I were to purchase one for myself.

However, I am happy to say something came home with me from Mr. Turner’s booth!  These swedish rag rugs are antique, handmade, indestructible, and best of all, you can wash and dry them!!  They were $5.00 a foot, so a six foot runner was only $30.00, a great price for something this unique.  Three of these currently reside in my kitchen.  I love them!

If you are super cool and wanted a bit of an eclectic vibe in a room, it would be awesome to have a mixture of these on the floor at different angles used as a large area rug.  Aren’t the patterns and colors neat together?  I definitely plan on getting more in the fall when we go back to Round Top.

You don’t even want to know how long it took me to pick my three rugs.  There are literally hundreds of them in piles in the LSA’s space, and I wanted to make sure I got the best ones.  My husband is quite a trooper!  So is my baby girl who was four months old at the time!

Mr. Turner also had some really beautiful furniture in his booth.  I especially appreciated his attention to detail in preserving the original style of the items.  For example, he made sure he put authentic antique glass in the pieces that required it, so their reflections revealed those lovely waves.

It’s difficult to see, but I fell in love with this settee and took a picture of it.  It was around 2K, and I thought it would be so nice at the end of a bed.

Classic gustavian carved detail.


Since the actual swedish antique is out of my grasp, I was happy to get this little beauty during the Wisteria once-a-year warehouse clearance sale this past spring.

Courtesy of Wisteria

The color is a really pretty aqua blue, and the wood a bit distressed. Can you believe how spot on it is for the real deal?!  The settee is going to live in my bedroom, and I’m excited to have a bit of the swedish life in my home.  It will look so bra!  (bra is swedish for “good”)



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