Product Review: Valspar Lacquer Paint

Product Review: Valspar Lacquer Paint

I love lacquer.  The high gloss look shining back at me makes me so happy.  Especially when an old piece has been given new life through lacquer.

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Lacquering something involves painting it with oil-based paint and then applying a clear lacquer finish (usually high gloss) over the paint.  It is a multi-step process and the glossy smooth finish can be difficult to create.  Side Note: If you are wanting to get something lacquered and are too nervous to attempt it yourself, check with your local auto body/trim stores.  Sometimes these types of businesses will lacquer furniture at reasonable prices!

While perusing my local Lowes a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this Valspar lacquer paint.  (sold in-store only) White was the only color they had in stock (they also have black), but instantly my curiosity was piqued.  I assumed since they call it “lacquer paint”, it is different than their “high gloss paint”, which consequently is not glossy enough for me.  Serious shine is what I am after!  Ready to experiment, I bought two cans, and pondered what project I would use them for.

Enter one of my newest finds.

I love the organic feel of this lamp, but the shade is clearly awful, and the gold finish just didn’t seem to go.  Plus it was chipping badly.  I knew this would be a great little piece to try my new paint on!

First, I dusted all of the little crevices, and taped off the cord and harp with painters tape.  Always tape off the harp and cord to ensure a clean professional look when you are spray painting a lamp.

Using short, even strokes, I sprayed the lamp evenly on all sides.  The trickiest part was getting in those little crevices, and this is where I REALLY started loving this paint.  I have a tendency to overspray when I am spray painting (I get too excited, I guess), which can lead to runs in my paint.  So annoying.  The great thing about this paint is the runs kind of melt into the other paint so there are no lines or streaks.  Pretty awesome!  (P.S.  I also painted the little finial that screws on to the top of the harp to hold the lamp shade secure.)

The base especially looks so smooth and glossy.  I am very very pleased with the finished product!




I would definitely recommend this paint!  My wheels are turning now – hmmm…what else could I do?   Hey Valspar, release more colors, pretty please!

What do you think?  How could you use Valspar’s lacquer paint?

Espresso burlap lamp shade from Pottery Barn found here.

  • Ashley
    Posted at 14:28h, 05 September

    I am very intrigued by this lacquer paint you found. The lamp looks amazing! Would the paint work on furniture? I am going to check out my local Lowes and see what kind of trouble I can get into with the paint as well!!

    Thank you!

    • Grace
      Posted at 21:19h, 05 September

      Thank you for the reply, Ashley! Yes, I think it would be really beautiful on a piece of furniture. Just make sure to take it slow…long, even strokes, letting the paint dry between coats. The lacquer paint dries really fast so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait. Send me a pic of what you accomplish! G

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