Patterned Paint Rollers

Patterned Paint Rollers

My sweet friend, Sarah, sent me a picture of these amazing paint rollers yesterday, and I was so excited, I knew I had to write a post about them. ¬†Plus I didn’t get the project I mentioned photographed. ūüôā

The patterned rollers from UK-based “The Painted House” ¬†(here’s another one of my recent UK discoveries) have my mind reeling of possibilities. ¬†Fabric? ¬†Wallpaper? ¬†Wrapping Paper? ¬†Faces of furniture? ¬†Whoa!

Along with the patterned roller itself, you also need to purchase a fabric applicator or a wall/paper applicator. ¬†If you want to see how it works, I highly recommend their YouTube videos. ¬†Yes, I would do a bit of practicing before I started my project, but the result is beautiful, and you can’t beat the price (less than $80 for fabric and less than $50 for wall or paper applications) for that aged patterned look!

They don’t have many designs, but here are my top three favs:

Pattern No. 6

Pattern No. 6

I love the whimsy of this one and think it would be adorable as an accent wall or nook, a layered look over a sisal or solid rug, or a ceiling in a kids room.


Pattern No. 3

No. 3

I like the movement of this one, and it would be lovely in a variety of settings.


Pattern No. 1

No. 1

No. 1

The chinoiserie feel here is so spectacular and reminds me of the wallpaper in my dining room.

What do you think?  Is this a project you think you would tackle?  Which pattern is your favorite?

P.S. ¬†I also found this company that has lots of rollers. ¬†In fact, they have The Painted House patterns, plus more. ¬†I’m not sure how they are related, if at all, and though they charge more for their rollers ($59), they do have more patterns to offer. ¬†My favorites are this one, this one, and this one.

**All images courtesy of The Painted House **

Written by Grace

  • Lynnette Ross
    Posted at 09:51h, 13 January

    I’m loving these! I would totally use this in my laundry room

    • Grace
      Posted at 13:11h, 13 January

      Lynnette! I LOVE these, too! I think the chinoiserie pattern would be AMAZING in a laundry room! I ordered a couple, and I’m going to try some projects with them. Keep your eye out for them on the blog. Thank you so much for reading!

  • Janet
    Posted at 09:51h, 30 April

    I LOVE this – I like to have wallpaper; however, my tastes change too often and do not like having to remove wallpaper to make a change. This would solve that problem and is MUCH, MUCH easier! I love to paint!

    • Grace
      Posted at 04:50h, 01 May

      Janet, I have still yet to try this, but I love it, too! I’ll be sure to post about it when I do! Thanks for reading and commenting, G