National Geographic Magazines: A Budget-Friendly Shelf Styling Tool

National Geographic Magazines: A Budget-Friendly Shelf Styling Tool

Yellow is one of my favorite accent colors.  That cheery bright pop just makes me happy.  My yellow velvet sofa is kind of famous…more to come on that later.

You may look at that dusty box of National Geographics at an estate sale and see nothing but the magazine your parents or grandparents read, or you may see a great resource for your kids homework or projects.  After this post, you will have new eyes.  Eyes to see more, eyes to see a green, low budget, chic way to fill an empty shelf or bring a zing of color into your room.

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Caitlin Wilson

Neil Stemmet, Koncept Design and Architecture

Country Living, 2012 House of the Year

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Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

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Often, I have found boxes of National Geographics on my local CraigsList for next to nothing.  Even check the “free” category, they will pop up in that section sometimes.  Ebay is another great source.  I really like to use the older ones with the white covers if the fronts are going to show, but if I am just displaying the bindings, it doesn’t matter.


My little collection brings some golden color to my mantle these days.  I also appreciate they are really interesting to read, too!  It’s a fun, educational activity to pull one off the shelf and discuss the images with the kids.  Win-win!

Image by Kat Phillips

Where could you use a collection of National Geographics?

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 07:33h, 02 October

    Oooooh, your mantle looks so pretty, Grace. I love the lighting fixture reflected in your mirror, too! I think I might ask my mom for some of her old National Geographics. Funny how I used to make fun of her for saving all these things, and now I’m glad she did!

    • Grace
      Posted at 10:57h, 03 October

      Thanks so much, Jennifer! Yeah, maybe you should raid your Mom’s house. I bet she;d be so surprised, “You want what?!” She didn’t know she was so cool. 🙂