How Can I Help You?

How Can I Help You?

Hello friends!  I’m so happy to say I am back from Utah!  Sorry for the crickets around here yesterday, but I got stranded up there due to the snow and ice!  But I am back safe and sound and so thankful to be reunited with my little tribe.  Alt Summit was AWESOME, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow.

One thing I think about when writing is how I can help YOU, how I can better serve you – to make your life easier, to help you be more organized, to help your life be more beautiful.  To give you a few moments each day to think about all things pretty and well-designed.

I hope I am accomplishing that, but I would love to do better.  Would you mind giving me literally one or two minutes of your day today to take a survey?  It is completely anonymous, and picking your brain will help me immensely as I move forward!  There are just a few questions, and most are multiple choice.  Easy peasy!  Again, I will have no idea where you are or who you are, the purpose of the survey is simply to give me a better idea of how to plan so the site can be as helpful and enjoyable as possible for you.

I so appreciate you taking this little snippet of time to help me out, and I promise to use the results to continue bringing you super awesome original content.  Simply click the link below, complete the little survey, and get your gold star.



Thank you so much, everyone!  See you back here tomorrow!



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