Hooked on Houses

Hooked on Houses

I am not a techie.  Not in the least.  My husband and I bought smart phones not even a year ago.  The whole experience was rather pathetic – the salesman looked at us in complete bewilderment after hearing things like:

Look babe, it’s in color!

Whoa, it takes pictures??!!

This phone has Internet?  Where are the hotspots so you can use it?

Wait…anywhere?  you can use the Internet anywhere?

I know, sad.  I had to explain to him we looked young, but we were a bit behind.  I’d like to think we are catching up.  That is one thing about writing a blog that is beneficial for me.  I am learning all about Twitter, and Pinterest, and Instagram.  I have Kristen to thank for forcing me to learn how to use Facebook.  I look at Gypsy Soul’s page and A Storied Style’s page (unabashed plug – please “like” these pages on Facebook!), but I still never look at my personal Facebook page.

While most of you are living in the 21st century in all of its social media glory, I am stickin’ to the regular ‘ole Intranet and reading Hooked on Houses.  It is one of my favorite sites to read when I should be doing something else have a little free time.  My preferred pages to explore are “Celebrity Houses” and “TV/Movie Houses”.

So far, the TV/Movie home I have enjoyed reading about most has been the majestic castle in “Downton Abbey“.

Do you watch this show?  It is magnificent.  The story begins with the sinking of Titanic, and the second season takes you through the first World War.  Beware however, it is addicting.  I may or may not have stayed up half the night three nights in a row watching the first season.  The storylines are fascinating, but the home and grounds of Highclere Castle are this series’ foundation of greatness.

The entire article on the Downton Abbey castle can be seen here.  It is a terrific read!

When I am watching a show or a movie, I sometimes get lost in looking at the surroundings of the characters, rather than the characters themselves.  People will look at me in confusion when at a pivotal moment, I exclaim, “Do you see those pillows?!”  Yes, I am definitely hooked on houses.  To see the full list of homes you can read about on the site, click here.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you need a good laugh, definitely check out the links on the “Bad MLS Photos” page.  It’s completely baffling, and yes, these are real.

For a great introduction to the site in general, take a peek at the “Top 20” page where the most read articles are highlighted.  Enjoy the site, say hello to Julia, and tell her “A Storied Style” sent you!

What about you?  Are you hooked on houses?

  • Julia @ Hooked on Houses
    Posted at 07:36h, 08 August

    Wow! How sweet are you? Thanks for the bloggy shout-out, Grace!

    I can totally relate to your phone story. I didn’t get an iPhone until last year. Until then I had an ancient cell phone that I couldn’t even text on. I pulled it out to make a call once and a friend asked, “Is that a toy phone? Surely it’s not real!” That’s when I knew it was time to get with the times. Ha.

    • Grace
      Posted at 09:39h, 08 August

      Hi Julia! I am so glad you saw my post! I love your site (obviously) – keep up the good work!

      So happy to hear that someone jumped on the technology train a little late, too. 🙂

  • :: mommy chic ::
    Posted at 00:34h, 09 August

    My husband and I had hand-me-down phones from my techie brother until ATT threatened to kick us off our grandfathered plan unless we upgraded phones! We finally got smart phones and went from zero Apple products to multiples of his/hers gadgets!

    I finally jumped on the Mad Med bandwagon (10 yrs later…) because I love mid-century style in fashion and design. I watched four seasons in just a few weeks. I’m afraid to start Downton Abbey or I may never sleep!

    Those bad MLS pics are hysterical. Since we’re house hunting, I’ve def seen some bad photos, but none with legs in the bath! Have you checked out Houzz.com? Kind of like Pinterest, but solely dedicated to houses. I’ve pinned things from houzz so I can look at one place for ideas (pinterest.com/mommychicblog). One day, I will tend to my much neglected little blog!

    • Grace
      Posted at 21:42h, 09 August

      Ha, so funny! You’ll get back into it, Mommy Chic. You have plenty to think about with baby coming! Thanks for reading.