Did You See?

Did You See?

Hello friends!  Sorry for my absence yesterday, I spent every waking, non-kid-filled moment of the day (and half the night) in my garden, at the spa, revitalizing my spring wardrobe, watching movies, finishing up my taxes.  Bleh.  But they are done, and I feel the same way I do every year after I do the taxes.  I need to organize all of this better so this is easier next year.  We’ll see if 2013 is the year I see this through…

Remember this?


Well, today is the very first day of the reveals!  I believe Home Depot is posting one reveal every week day for the next few weeks so be keeping your eye out for someone familiar.  (wink)  Head here to see all of the great ideas!

Whatever you’re doing today, finishing your taxes, chasing kids, or at your desk, I hope your day is a great one!

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