Walk Throughs

It has been really fun getting to show you all our garden we have been working on for so long.  (see article on Domino.com here) It has been quite the journey these last three years, and in case you missed it, you can see all of the before pictures and read the background story in this article.

Today I thought I would talk more about the details of our garden makeover.  Keep in mind that this is where we started...

[caption id="attachment_9071" align="aligncenter" width="640"]November 2013 November 2013[/caption] And here we are now!

garden makeover

For this garden space, I really wanted a "put together organically over time" feel.  Our house was built in the early 1920's, and back in the day, this area was supposedly a beautiful rose garden.  What I really love about design is bringing life to a space, breathing art and color and texture to it.  It is so gratifying to turn something not so great into something beautiful.

Once we got the pavers set in the center of the garden (we used these 18x18 pavers from Home Depot), I was immediately imagining what I wanted the dining set to look like.

dining set outdoor

AStoriedStyle.com I like to do walk-throughs every once in awhile to show you interesting finds or introduce you to new places, but I also think it is helpful because I hear so often from people that they wish they had "the eye" to spot something good.  If you have been reading awhile, you know that I love a fruitful trip to Home Fabrics & Rugs.  I wrote about my fabric find from HF&R here, and they have stores all over the country.  See here for all their locations.   Come on a walk with me... One thing I noticed on this trip was that they have way more rugs than the last time I was here. This could be a fun playroom rug.  (and all of those colors would help hide kid-ness) AStoriedStyle.com They have everything from more traditional rugs to more contemporary rugs.  They carry lots of sizes, and if they don't have the size you want, I believe it is free shipping to your door. AStoriedStyle.com These jute/seagrass rugs looked like nice quality at fairly affordable prices.