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diy turquoise bead chandelier

I am so excited to finally share this tutorial with you - a tutorial that sprouted in my brain nearly a year ago, as I was walking through World Market.

I spotted this wood bead chandelier, [caption id="attachment_8764" align="aligncenter" width="504"]world market world market[/caption] and instantly, I saw this. [caption id="attachment_8765" align="aligncenter" width="319"]robin degroot robin degroot[/caption]   I have loved that Majorie Skouras chandelier for years, and the semi-precious stones on it are beautiful.  Of course, it is also $4800.  (as it should be because it is amazing and spectacular)  So my wheels started turning, and I went up to the cash register, plopped down my 40% off coupon and was promptly told this chandelier was backordered.  I still placed my order and was told it would be a few weeks.  Those weeks turned into months, MONTHS, and finally, I got a call that it was here.  It was great timing too because I wanted to do a piece of lighting over the table in my Home Depot Patio Challenge that was really special. The stairwell in our home is right in the center of the house, and it gets a ton of traffic.  To the right of the above photo is the kitchen, and to the left is the living room.  This pass through area is small, but I see it so much that I want it to be pretty. It has gone through a few changes since I started this blog a few years ago.  First, I painted the back wall Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy for a little punch. But this setup just wasn't doing it for me, so I sold the fabulous yet bulky Dorothy Draper chest, framed out Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon wallpaper, moved the West Elm Parsons Console from the entry hall to this space, and hung a mirror I found at an estate sale. The stairwell has looked like the above photo for about a year and a half now, and this past weekend, I decided we were due for a change.  I liked having the big basket there for boots and other large, miscellaneous items that like to clutter this space, and of course, I love the vintage blanc de chine lamps and the antique prayer box.  With all we have had going on here lately with continued bathroom construction, and a collapsed porte cochere, this little area had gotten fairly frantic with things that needed to be put away.  Once I had gotten everything clear, it was time to figure out how to give the stairwell a fresh look. When I am rearranging a space, I try to get it as bare bones as possible so I can really see what I am accomplishing/not accomplishing.  So I cleared everything out except for the console which I knew needed to stay there.  I also find that taking photos of each look as I add/take away things is really helpful - I do this with clients, and I do this for my own home, too.  Seeing your space in a photo can really help you find the strengths and the flaws in what you are creating. For a split second, I did ponder exchanging the console with the chest in the dining room, but I decided since this area is so slim, having a piece of furniture that is open at the bottom is best as it lends a more airy overall feel. Side Note:  By the time I finished cleaning up the collected clutter, it was nighttime, so sorry these next few photos are not the best. I also thought about switching out the rug, but the vintage one I have there compliments the wallpaper so well, and I did not have another good option in my house, so that stayed, too.  After staring awhile, I decided to switch the mirror I had there with the mirror from the dining room. I liked how the black outline on the mirror picked up on the black silhouettes in the wallpaper, so I added what may be at the top of the list for greatest Craigslist finds, my newest Craigslist treasure, a vintage Sarreid chest. I originally moved it over to the far left because in my mind, I thought I could still put my big basket next to it.  It did not fit, plus it looked weird, so I decided to center it, and added the lamps from the living room.  The basket is going to go in the closet to the right of the console table for now. I thought the lamps may work, but the ivory shades were a little blah, so I switched them out with black ones I have from Target. I really really liked those lamps there, but my husband enjoys seeing the chinoiserie lamps there because of how pretty they look at night.  Therefore, the next day, I switched the lamps back, added an oval brass tray, some books, and my favorite bust, and stepped back...

diy acrylic rod

Without a doubt, one of my most popular DIY's ever has been my acrylic rods.  Well, they are DIY-ish, but more importantly, they are timeless, fabulous, and affordable.  You can find the original post that started it all here, and if you do use the tutorial, make sure you say "hey" to my buddy, Kipp, and tell him I sent you.  I don't get a commission or anything (although I should, ha), but he has always been kind to me and provided awesome customer service to all of you who have called.  (as you have told me) UPDATE:  Kipp's contact info!  He works for Nationwide Plastics in Dallas, and they will cut, polish the ends of your rods (if desired) AND ship the rods straight to your door.  They are open Monday through Friday 8-5, and his number is 214.239.3870.  Just call and ask for Kipp. My living room has gone through a number of changes since I first posted the rod tutorial nearly two years ago.  And yes, I'm going to post the full room eventually, but I am still tying up a few loose ends before I photograph it.  You can see in the photo below from a couple of years ago that my rods have changed a bit.  Plus the paint color, curtain fabric, and hardware are different.  : ) Then... AStoriedStyle-DIYAcrylicRod6 Now...