Since I am still in recovery mode, it was nice this year to not have to cook a full Easter meal.  We went out to eat for lunch and then came home for dessert.  I made four delectable treats and set the table with my favorite blue opaline and lots of spring color. I kept the flowers pretty wildflower-y this year...they looked like spring, and they were cheap.  (they were in that 3 for $10 section at the grocery store - I find a grouping of these filler flowers can be a pleasing, organic look)

Underneath the desserts in pie plates, I layered colorful, vintage handkerchiefs.

I have grand ideas for tablescapes on holidays, and then the holiday sneaks up on me.  Luckily for me, I collect pieces throughout the year at fleas, thrift stores, and estate sales, which helps when I need to put together a pretty table in oh less than ten minutes. I was so happy I picked up these West Elm napkins (they are on sale now!) a few months ago.  Each one has a different stripe pattern on it which I love for an eclectic, collected vibe.   The plates were found at the Alameda Antique Fair in California this past January, the blue opaline makes an appearance nearly every holiday, and the glassware is vintage. Since I do not like marshmallows, Peeps have never looked good to me, and I have never tasted one in my life.  But they did look cute as little appetizers at the dessert brunch, nestled in the blue paper grass.  Plus these were dipped in dark chocolate, yummy! Now it wouldn't be fair if I talked about all of these incredible desserts I made, and then didn't share recipes, now would it?  A couple of these are tried and true, and a couple of them are new favorites, but let me tell ya, they were all delish, and there was barely anything left when all was said and done.  (always a clear sign of success)  Keep in mind too that these recipes would be fantastic for a Mothers Day Brunch or any other holiday for that matter. AStoriedStyle.com_

Okay, so I know it's not Valentine's Day, but I tried to post this Friday, and for some reason, my site will not let me upload pictures.  I have just discovered a way around the problem, but it takes about twelve years to get everything done.  My site manager is working on this problem, so hopefully, all will be back to normal soon. Since our oldest was born, I have made the same type of valentine for my husband every year.  He loved it so much the first year I made one, I decided to continue the theme.  I've made seven of these family valentines now, and it is so much fun to look at all of their little faces and how they have changed.  When taking these photos, I try to capture lots of little things that emphasize their personalities.  Here's a look at these family treasures...

They are pretty easy to make, so even if you're not much of a crafter, I think you can do this. : ) Plus there's just something special about homemade cards, right?  They may not be magazine worthy, but they are yours, and they are sentimental, and they were created with your time and hands. Here's how I make my family valentines...