Bathroom I wanted to share with you today an update on our Master Bathroom renovation.  You can read more about where we started and what prompted the reno here.   Not a whole lot has changed from the inspiration board, but I am pondering tweaking one or two things.

As you can see, we have a subfloor now, and the walls have been made smooth.  We are ready to paint hopefully soon. We built this small platform so our barber shop sink will have something to sit on to give it a little more height.  My husband had this idea, and I think it is so smart.  (have I mentioned lately what a great design partner he is?)  He wanted the sink to feel like part of the main bathroom, and I think this platform is just the unity these two spaces needed.  The sink will be perpendicular to the main floor, so one will step down and turn to use the sink.

I am very passionate about saving as much as we can of the original bathroom, so the old trim was carefully taken off and put back.  We replaced wood only as needed.  You can see where the old and new blends in this photo.  Of course, when it is painted, you will never know. As happy as I am to see this room opened up (I seriously cannot believe how much lighter it feels), I am most excited about the shower transformation.  It is fully tiled and grouted, and it looks fabulous.

I feel like we may need to mount one of these signs permanently in our front yard.  : )  We have hit the three year renovation mark now on our house (hard to believe), and I feel like we may be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  Our Master Bathroom is the last major construction project on our list for now, and after this is over, it will be more "fun" decorating projects and room makeovers, and less white dust permeating everything everywhere. Our bathroom, just like every project (especially in a nearly 100 year old house), has had some hiccups.  Uneven ceilings and floors, last minute changes, pipes bursting, first floor raining, etc etc etc...I did want to tell you about one little hiccup we had in the shower. In the original setup of our bathroom, the shower was really teensy, and there was a small linen closet next to it.  So the logical plan would be to expand the shower by taking out that closet, right? There was just one problem...

I'm so excited to share with you our plans for our master bathroom today!  This has taken so much thought and planning, and I really think we are creating something beautiful and classic and unique.  (that's the goal, at least)  I've got the plans to tell you about in detail, and lots of photos of where we are right now. Let's start from the beginning though.  This story begins with this photo, the MLS photo of our master bathroom when the previous owners lived here.  

[caption id="attachment_7750" align="aligncenter" width="614"]walker zanger walker zanger[/caption] I've been working on a little board to show all of you our plans for the Master Bathroom redo.  (and in case you are wondering, it is still gutted, nothing is really happening yet, and we are still sharing the tiny bathroom : )  )  Everything is ordered, and now it is basically a waiting game and prayers that no other pipes will get jackhammered, and it won't rain on the first floor again. Oy. We actually don't need a ton of tile for this bathroom, as we are not going put tile on the walls like before.  And in case you have forgotten, here it is before.  (previous owner's photo)   Gotta love pink and blue tile and original 1921 bathrooms!  There are things I am saving from this vintage beauty, like the opaline knobs and pulls and the giant built-in mirror, but I will go more into the actual design plan later.  Today we're talking about tile. I've been staring at tile, lots and lots of tile.  Thinking about it and staring at this room imagining all of the different ways it could be.  I needed tile for the shower, and that is pretty much it.  And we only need 100 square feet (that includes waste), so I could splurge a little if I wanted to.  Plus tile is a pretty permanent fixture, it's not something I can change a few years from now, so I wanted it to be awesome.  I was thinking period-appropriate, fresh & modern, and classic all at the same time. As Catherine Lowe would say, "grown sexy". I'm actually kidding, I have no idea what that even means. My favorite go-to place for tile is Bottega Design Gallery.  They have a vast selection, the prices are good, and the customer service is great.  I also purchased the charcoal herringbone tile from Bottega that is in my Addition.  It was at Bottega that I stumbled upon Walker Zanger's Studio Moderne collection. [caption id="attachment_7744" align="aligncenter" width="415"]walker zanger walker zanger[/caption]