Bathroom Art

Bathroom Art

Happy Friday, everyone!  Thank you for taking a moment to share it with me.  For those of you waiting for my super awesome baby gift idea, I’m so sorry it didn’t come this week.  I just haven’t finished it yet.  And my before and after?  Well, that’s not done either.  I still need to do a bit of styling in the space, and I want it to look terrific before the big reveal!  Hopefully, this weekend I can crack out a few projects.

After reading Jenny’s post about her giveaway, it got me thinking about the lack of art in my newly renovated kids/guest bathroom.  (hint, hint: before & after space)

There is not much wall space for anything dramatic, although I do like the idea of an interesting gallery in a lavatory.

Bohemian Homes, Tumblr

Amanda Nisbet

Elizabeth Roberts

William Waldron, Elle Decor

Jordan Guide

Carlos Mota, Elle Decor

Canadian House and Home

House & Home

“Case d’artista”, image by Mario Ciampi

Of course, beautiful tile beautifully placed can be like a work of art.

House Beautiful

These display shelves are charming.

Elle Decor

I already thought I wanted to put some photography in my little space, but this image reinforced my plan. Pretty quirky, huh?

Vicente Wolf, photo over tub by Tina Barney

I considered this.

Photo by Daniel Seung Lee

But then, I pondered putting an authentic antique photograph/print there.  A beach scene from 1921?  (the year my house was built)  Consequently, I saw this image, love!

Country Living

Which led me, of course, to an Ebay search.  This one is funny, and…maybe slightly disturbing.  There are also a few panoramics I mulled over placing above the towel hooks.

The kids would enjoy looking at this one, and it is free.  I could get it printed at my local drugstore.


Understandably, people get concerned about placing art in a bathroom.  I have never had a problem with it, but I usually don’t display what I consider to be valuable art in a moist atmosphere.  I always make sure it is sealed well.  However, if the bathroom is a powder bath or rarely used, and mostly free of steam and/or humidity, I think it is okay to splurge more or have something interesting for a casual guest to look at while washing his or her hands.  A bathroom is a room in your home after all – it doesn’t have to be sterile or cold, all tile and travertine.  Keep your art of choice low budget but intriguing, and you will have something that makes you smile in a space you have to utilize every day!

What are your thoughts on bathroom art?

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