Back on Friday

Back on Friday

I’m alive!  (thank goodness)  The sun is peeking through the clouds, and I am finally getting over this last hump.  I cannot believe this has taken so long, I have missed you guys!  On Friday, I will have another “Pinterest Taught Me How To” post up for your reading pleasure, but in the meantime, I have pondered some how-to’s I could write from what I have learned the past two and a half weeks…

On Buying A Sofa: Get one you would want to lay on for two and a half weeks.

Your Surgery, Your Family, & Laundry:  “No, it doesn’t just magically get washed and folded and placed in your drawers and closet.”  

Fashion:  How To Rock Your JP Drain

You & Your Giant Stomach Hematoma:  How to respond to the kind lady in the hospital elevator when she asks you what you are having – girl or boy.

How To Love On Your Kids…from the couch

When Infection Sets In After Surgery:  How to not die.


…okay, maybe not.

But can we please talk about daytime television…where to even begin?  It has been years since I watched any day television since we only have one TV, and it is not in a main family area.  There’s a male model on “The Price Is Right”?  Where is Bob Barker? (okay, I did know he was gone, but I had never watched a Drew episode)  I still do not understand what is so wrong with wearing exercise pants everywhere, Stacey and Clinton!  I’d like to see Stacey rock a nice tweed jacket, four inch heels, and skinny pants while holding a baby and grocery shopping with three other kids.  Regis, you are missed, but Michael is pretty adorable.  I will never tire of “I Love Lucy”, “Saved By The Bell”, and “Little House On The Prairie” reruns.  Bucket List:  spin the wheel on “The Price Is Right”, be a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune”.

All sarcasm aside, laying on the couch feeling terrible gives you plenty of time to think.  This view, though rare (kids had to keep their distance for awhile due to the stitches), was my favorite from my perch on the sofa.

Before I had the surgery, I feel like I had gotten away a bit from my normal cool and was sweating the small stuff way too much.  Going to bed every night thinking of all of the details going wrong, all the bullet points to check, all the many things I needed to work on the next day.  2013 has brought on some changes and challenges for me and my family, and we have definitely been going through an adjustment period.  Being forced to lay down has reminded me more of the big picture.  Don’t we all need that reminder every few months or so?

See you Friday, and thank you again for all of the love and encouragement.  I’m feeling very humbled by the outpouring of love from people I have never met, friends that have helped me with kids, competent babysitters, friends and family that have brought meals, and a husband who has had more than a full plate and come home every day from work to singlehandedly care for four small children.  He did it well, and he has not complained one time.

Though I have a bit of recovery to go, I’m so grateful for my life and its beauty.  Thank you for bearing with me.

Written by Grace

  • Sheri
    Posted at 09:43h, 21 August Reply

    So glad you are OK. You are my favorite blogger and I can’t imagine not reading your posts. Sounds like you have had a scary few weeks. God has a way of giving us what we need even if it doesn’t feel like it. He forced you to slow down, enjoy your kids, remember the small things and most importantly appreciate all he has blessed you with!!! Even though I love you posts, we will survive if we don’t hear from you as regularly as you have in the past. Live your life, enjoy your family and share when you can.

    • Grace
      Posted at 23:57h, 29 August Reply

      Sheri, that is so sweet – you definitely made me smile. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. I am so happy you enjoy the blog. And your advice and words of wisdom is exactly right! Thanks again. xoxo G

  • Shauna Magnusen
    Posted at 09:46h, 21 August Reply

    I’m so glad you’re getting better. Take it easy and try not to do too much.

    • Grace
      Posted at 23:56h, 29 August Reply

      Thank you so much, Shauna!

  • Beth
    Posted at 10:51h, 21 August Reply

    Oh no, was afraid you had gotten a hospital aquired infection!
    Nasty business. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Take care.

    • Grace
      Posted at 13:23h, 21 August Reply

      Beth, you are so sweet to think of me. I’m definitely on the mend, it’s a slow process: whereas, I am usually zooming through life. 🙂

  • Andrea Surrey
    Posted at 10:53h, 21 August Reply

    I just recently started following your blog, but I am so happy to hear you and on the mend. Glad this little set back ended up being a good time of reflection for you. Looking forward your awesome posts!

    • Grace
      Posted at 13:22h, 21 August Reply

      Hi Andrea, it is so nice to “meet”. 🙂 I do enjoy your blog, and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Yes, I’m hoping to be back to the regular schedule next week!

  • Alex
    Posted at 10:59h, 21 August Reply

    So glad you are feeling better!!

    • Grace
      Posted at 13:21h, 21 August Reply

      Alex, thanks girl! I’m getting there!

  • Cathy
    Posted at 11:09h, 21 August Reply

    So, so glad you are feeling better!

    • Grace
      Posted at 13:20h, 21 August Reply

      Cathy, thank you so so much!

  • Emily
    Posted at 11:10h, 21 August Reply

    Looks like blue skies are headed your way.
    So glad this will finally be behind you.
    Your attitude and gratitude is contagious!
    Looking forward to your post on Friday… always have fun pinterest finds to share.

    • Grace
      Posted at 13:20h, 21 August Reply

      Emily, thank you! My “undying optimism”, as my husband calls it, is helpful for situations such as this. I’m so glad you like the Friday Pinterest series, it is good to get feedback!

  • Lisa
    Posted at 12:08h, 21 August Reply

    Grace, so sorry to hear your recovery has been arduous, but I’m glad you’re on the mend!!

    • Grace
      Posted at 13:19h, 21 August Reply

      Lisa, thank you so much! I am feeling better, one day at a time. 🙂 Ready to be up and at ’em, for sure! I think once my drain comes out, I will feel way better!

  • Bri Binder
    Posted at 12:22h, 21 August Reply

    What an amazing post Grace! You have been through so much, learned so much I can’t wait to hear your follow up insights and How To’s. I agree a reminder to not sweat the small stuff is needed but always tough when it comes to health. You are so strong and have such an amazing family. Loved meeting you at Alt SF and am a loyal reader who admires your transparency, positive voice and creativity. Feel better and take care of yourself.

    • Grace
      Posted at 13:18h, 21 August Reply

      Oh hi Bri! Thank you so much for all of the sweet words! Hope to see you in January! 🙂

  • Denise
    Posted at 13:49h, 21 August Reply

    I spent a week at home last month after oral surgery to remove 15 teeth (ugh) and I so concur about daytime TV. I did discover some great, free online TV viewing portals, though, and watched several series from beginning to end during my recuperation. I can’t imagine doing it with little kids, though – you (and the husband) are my heroes.

    • Grace
      Posted at 23:44h, 21 August Reply

      Denise, oh my goodness, I am so sorry! My husband is my hero, too. 🙂 Feel better soon!

  • Erin
    Posted at 08:28h, 22 August Reply

    Dear Grace, you made me start this morning with tears in my eyes. I have always thought grace was one of the loveliest qualities any man or woman can possess, and you’ve got it in spades. Please continue to take good care of yourself, and we’ll be thrilled to see you when you start feeling better.

    • Grace
      Posted at 10:16h, 23 August Reply

      Erin, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words – you clearly have a very kind heart. xoxo G

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