Back From NYC

Back From NYC

Whoosh, I’m back!  My plane was a few hours late last night which made for an interesting tour of the airport for my husband and kids.  Needless to say, I am married to quite the guy!

This week will be full of all of the ideas and inspiration I am bringing back from the great city of New York.  It will also hold a rare peek into what the Martha Stewart kitchens, offices, and prop room (!!) look like from the inside.

I am still reeling from the trip, and all of the excitement.  Outside of the cherished time spent with family, the highlight of the trip, of course, was this…

I also found it interesting to see how New Yorkers (especially those in the heart of the city) infuse into their life the green they miss in the stacks of bricks and metal they are surrounded by.

Delicious food melted into my mouth every meal.

And I spent several hours in flea market heaven.

But I’m happy to be home!   Lots of cheerful chatter, toys clinking, little feet pounding on the wood floors – these things were all missed.  Dishes and laundry…well, not so much.

See you tomorrow!

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