And We’re Pinterest-ing…plus exciting news!!

And We’re Pinterest-ing…plus exciting news!!

I think I may have just made up a word, although I could have said “pinning”, come to think of it.  Somehow I like Pinterest-ing better.

One of the main reasons I haven’t gotten into the pinning craze is rather lame.  The truth is, I couldn’t get the “Pin It” button to work on my computer, and I just couldn’t bring myself to manually pin every image.  After finally figuring it out this weekend, I pinned my first photo ever, (it embarrasses me to even type those words, ah transparency…) and began to weave my way through the jungle of Pinterest, pulling back the layers, learning my way around.  I know, behind much?  The reason I don’t ever look at or pay attention to my personal Facebook page (I am, of course, active on the “A Storied Style” page and Kristen and I’s “Gypsy Soul Interiors” page), is T-I-M-E.  After hearing what a time suck Pinterest was over and over, I had kind of grouped it into the same category as my personal Facebook page and didn’t want to go there.  However, I have quickly realized what a terrific organizational tool Pinterest is, along with how beneficial it may be for you, a reader, to have most of the photos I feature on the blog available to you.   (I am also working on a “pin it” button that will be accessible to you on every image, so with one click, you have pinned me, and you are happy, and I am happy.  Win-win!)

Although I have only pinned photos from my site so far, I am excited to delve into my photo archives and show you some of my favorite ideas and images.  Here’s a screen shot of what I have done so far this weekend.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?


Would you like to follow me while I roll along in this new Pinterest journey, pretty please?  I would so value your input!

You may see a board up there you are curious about – “The Home Depot Style Challenge”.  I am super excited about it, and you will assuredly be hearing more about it in the next few months!  Basically, I, along with about ten other bloggers (who are all super talented and awesome – I definitely feel like the newbie of the group!), have been chosen to participate in the Home Depot Patio Challenge 2013!  It will involve totally revamping our patio space, which if you remember, looks like this.

Barren and not very pretty.  I am so thrilled (and honored!) to have the opportunity to make this area beautiful and welcoming for family and friends to come together.  It’s going to involve a lot of work, some DIY projects, and some brainstorming.  But of course, I thrive on projects, creating beautiful DIY’s, and imagining how to make my home better.  If you would like to follow along with the other bloggers and I as we pin inspiration photos, please do so here, we would love it!

Do you have any advice, thoughts, or tips for me concerning Pinterest?  Are you crazy for it or a casual pinner?  I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Written by Grace

  • Janna
    Posted at 08:44h, 25 February

    Welcome! I love Pinning as it helps keep ideas organized, especially while we renovate our house. I find I keep lots of inspiration there and use it to help my hubby visualize a solution I’ve found for things we work on. Unforunately my blog is lots of construction type images, not worth pinning, so it doesn’t help much with publicity, but I still love using it be inspired by others work!
    I’ll be your newest follower and can’t wait to see what you do with your patio-that’s on our list to build this summer too!

    • Grace
      Posted at 23:40h, 25 February

      Hi Janna, I have actually had so much fun finding inspiration images with my hubby, too! Thanks so much for following and your encouraging words! G

  • Mommy Chic
    Posted at 23:48h, 25 February

    Pinterest is a monster! I remember when it first started and was this small creative community and now it will keep me set with kid school lunches, bday party ideas, and DIY til the end of time! I’ve run out of time to keep up with my blog, but am still pinning away. You can follow along with me too:
    Happy pinning! 🙂

    PS- hope recovery is easier this week.

    • Grace
      Posted at 17:05h, 05 March

      Hi MommyChic, so far, I think I am managing Pinterest pretty well. I’m determined not to let it get the best of me! 😉 You’re right though, it is a bit of a rabbit hole. 🙂