A Picture to Ponder: Ferris Wheel Kids Room

A Picture to Ponder: Ferris Wheel Kids Room

Every once in awhile, I see a design so fresh I can’t get it out of my mind.  That was exactly the case when my friend, Kat, after reading this post, sent me this picture.

Kate Dixon via Design Sponge

The rug was created by stitching different sizes and patterns of rugs together, which I love, especially for a child’s room.  But clearly, the star of the show is the ferris wheel toy storage.

Kate Dixon via Design Sponge

Immediately, I adore the concept.  It is something I have never seen before, and it is executed beautifully in the room.  The rusticity of the wood, the yellow bucket seats – it’s a home run.  So as a designer, I’m eating it up.

Then Practical Mommy comes in…I think I would have a very hard time keeping two little boys out of these seats.  Not to mention, I could see baby sister(s) being forced to taking a few rides, too.  I would like to talk with the Mom whose lucky little boy lives in this room.

Not sure what the outcome would be with the canopy either.  Although it pleases me immensely.

I do love me some kid-sized Bertoia chairs to break up traditional elements in a child’s room.  But let’s face it, those flokati rugs on the chair seats would last all of a millisecond in real life.  They look great for photographs though.  The upside down bucket is a charming touch as a side table.

Kate Dixon via Design Sponge

The designer, Kate Dixon, created this space for the Symphony Designer Showhouse in Kansas City a couple of years ago.  I looked at her website, and it appears her designs are a family affair.  Very talented genes!

Kudos to her for an imaginative and inspiring space!

What do you think of this room?  Have you seen any can’t-stop-thinking-about-it kids spaces lately?


Come back next week for my first “Celebrations” post, a creative baby gift idea, space transformations, and more fun!

Oh, one more thing!  Don’t forget about this!

Graphic by the Amazing Kat Phillips, TheGrayAttic.com


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