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Getting Ready, Holiday Decorating

Martha Stewart

Hard to believe November is less than two weeks away, isn’t it?

I took the kids to Lowes Saturday night to do a return, and they were enthralled with the huge Christmas section.  We stood in front of the wall of singing animals/characters for literally forty-five minutes.  I enjoyed listening to them giggle.  After much begging, I told them we could pick ONE to take home.  It was quite the democratic discussion on which one to pick.  We ended up with a Santa that shakes his maracas and sings “Feliz Navidad” – he has been singing and shaking nonstop since Saturday night.

Yes, the “most wonderful time of the year” is around the corner.  Time to start thinking about decorating for the festivities.  I have rounded up some photos I thought were interesting, some different and/or pretty ideas…

House to Home


source unknown

Isabella Boyer Sikaffy


Wool and Wood

Dottie Angel

Emily Henderson



Which is your favorite?

I do have a very few spots left for holiday design boards, consultations, and/or full holiday decorating.  If you live in the DFW area, and would like some help, please contact me at submissions @astoriedstyle .com.

Plate Collections…

they’re not just for Donna Reed or Lucy Ricardo anymore.

They can be modern, clean, colorful, artsy, and chic.


House and Home

Source Unknown

House and Home

Apartment Therapy

Plates instead of a guest book at your wedding?

Martha Stewart Weddings

Nuestra Vida Dulce

The Nester

Source Unknown

Source Unknown



Better Homes & Gardens


Martha Stewart


How beautiful are these vintage Majolica platters on this wall?

Source Unknown

Addicted 2 Decorating

Miss Mustard Seed

I am especially drawn to white plates on charcoal walls.  So classic, yet very modern.

Decor Pad

Courtney Giles Interiors

Decor Pad


What do you think of the look outdoors?  To dress up blank walls?

Hallie Burton via CocoCozy

Katherine Center

The Viceroy Hotel

For a year, I have been picking up vintage and antique plates as I find ones that are interesting to me.  It is a small collection, and I finally finished my project!  Come back next week for the reveal, plus the step-by-step tutorial to get the shape you want, and what I think is the best way to put them on the wall.

Is there room in your home for a plate collection?  Which type of design is your favorite?


Sometimes you just can’t tell…

Sometimes you just can’t tell from a picture how awesome something is going to be.

I am finishing up a project this weekend I am really excited to show you.  But for now, here is a sneakity peek of the rug.

It is from RugsUSA, a GREAT resource for rugs at good prices!  I ordered a 9×12, and with the current promotion, it was $561.60 with free shipping!  In the picture, it looks nice, right?

I was not prepared for how completely gorgeous it would be when I opened it yesterday.


Have you ordered anything lately, and it has way exceeded your expectations?


Bathroom Idea: Mirror Gallery

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,

Who has the darkest, drabbest, most boring bathroom of all?


If you just inwardly answered that question with, “I do!  I do!”, then this idea is for you.

Interior Alchemy

It is no secret mirrors can really open up a small space or room with little natural light.  Grouping mirrors together not only helps with the feel and scale of a room, it adds interest.  Of course, this idea could work in any room, but I especially like it in a bathroom.  There is something about a mirror gallery in a bathroom that makes it feel less sterile, more of a real room, cozy.

Design Sponge

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Marie Claire Maison

Kasey Buick

House to Home

Source Unknown

You could recreate the vignette below by heading to your local thrift store, flea market, or consignment center and picking up various mirrors.  Spray paint the frames the same color, and wha-la!

Brooklyn Limestone In Progress

Love, love this one.  I would want to take an extra long rest break and just stare at the things in here.  Mixing the art and objects in with the mirrors creates an intriguing layered effect.

House to Home

Everything Leb

If you want your mirror collage to have a more contemporary or modern edge, try this idea.  How easy would it be to go to a craft store and get varying sizes of mirror and make a puzzle of it?!

Source Unknown

Katrin Cargill


This one is not a bathroom, but I just love it.  That mint green color, and the frameless mirrors covering the walls, oh my!

Source Unknown

In fact, I think the frameless mirror collections are my favorite.  The simplicity of them make it so fresh and inviting.  Actually, I have a bathroom CRYING OUT for this idea.  It is a tiny narrow guest bath next to my basement.  Keep your eyes out for some future before and after pictures!

Source Unknown

What do you think of this idea?  How can you use it in your home?


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