Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving!  I can hardly believe it is December, I'm still enjoying Thanksgiving thoughts and smells, and then, BOOM, it's time to think about Christmas!  It's a bit jarring, is it not? After I posted the above photo on my Instagram, I got a few questions and emails about it, so I thought I would tell you all about my table decor, flower arranging, and my favorite recipes from this year's dinner.  Even though Thanksgiving is over, these are definitely ideas you can use for your Christmas dinner, plus it's nice to tuck away inspiration for next year.

AStoriedStyle.comAs much as it makes me sad sometimes to see my kids get older, it is fun to see changes like them understanding holidays more and what they mean.  They are really excited about Halloween and Christmas this year, and I plan on amping it up a little to match their excitement.  We have nary a pumpkin at our house (this situation is being amended today), but we have already decorated for Christmas.  Go figure.  More to come on that soon...

Thinking it would be fun to have some neighbors and their kids over for a little pre-Halloween party, I decided to try out some recipe ideas first.