West Elm Market

Is it just me, or do you think West Elm has stepped up their game in a MAJOR way the past couple of years?  I mean, I have always digged their modern vibe, but I am so impressed with their grass roots, find-out-what-the-people-are-doing/wanting feel.  Their collaborations with Etsy make me so happy, and I am always super pumped to see what is new.  Keep up the good work, West Elm!  Lovin’ it!

While shopping for a client last week, I remembered I had a Pottery Barn gift card (which can be used at West Elm also!), so after I finished getting what I needed for my client, I explored their “West Elm Market” a little more.


And of course, I loved it.  The focus on beautiful tools to make you happy as you clean your countertops, chop your food, or wipe away a mess, was so refreshing and fun to look through!  As a Mom to four little ones, I am constantly doing A LOT of, let’s face it, clean-up work that is not fun.  Having something lovely to do it with makes it better.  Yes?

Here are some photos from the Market area of my local West Elm Store in Dallas.


Ready to get your green thumb on?  I could have gone crazy in this section!  Pretty garden tools?  Yes, please!


As an aside, I keep an indoor garden of sorts year around, and I LOVE their plant containers.  West Elm keeps coming out with new designs, and I seriously want all of them!  This one caught my eye in the store – it’s called the Wire Terrarium.


We are in need of some new knives and pots/pans so I was looking intently at what they have to offer.


This cutlery set with block is sooo pretty and may need to come live in my kitchen.


This photo shows you what their cute Smeg refrigerators look like in real life.  I mentioned them in this post about colorful appliances – the Smeg comes in a rainbow of gorgeous colors!


Something I was surprised I liked so much was the West Elm Market’s cleaning products!  West Elm collaborated with Common Good, a New-York based cleaning product company, to create them, and they are all yuck-free – no parabens or gross chemicals to worry about.  The best part?  They. smell. awesome.  I was sold at one whiff of the Sage Leaf fragrance.  You can sell all of the West Elm/Common Good collaboration products here.


So are you wondering what I came home with?  Well, I will tell you, I wish I had much more credit on my gift card!  I had to majorly edit my wish list, but a girl has to behave while in the midst of an addition plus other home projects.  But I’m super happy with my purchases!

I have a thing for brass desk accessories.  Pottery Barn had a stapler a few years ago, and it sits on my desk.  About six months ago, I bought a vintage brass tape dispenser from one of my favorite local antiquing haunts.  It was not for sale by the way, and “just an old tape dispenser the owner had forever”.  I had to have it, and she sold it to me for $3.  Score!  To add to my brass desk accessory family, I bought two pair of scissors.  I’m actually excited about them.  Yes, scissors.


How adorable is it that one says “Snip” and ones says” Clip”?  They feel great in the hand, and I love that they have a “these were my grandmother’s” feel.  Seen here.

Of course, I came home with some of this to try.


I flipped through this book by Shane Powers in the store, and had to get it.  It has tons of great, easy ideas, and I am such a sucker for anything involving how to bring greenery into your home.  I felt inspired just the few seconds I looked at it.  It’s $25 with free shipping right now!  AStoriedStyle.com

I also took some photos of things I wished I could get, but didn’t, and still feel kind of sad about it.  Ha!

This may look like a broom and dustpan to you, but it is so naturally beautiful in real life.  I have kind of a small kitchen with no storage for tools like this.  Therefore, my broom I have had forever that we found in our first married residence sits out for all to see.  It is not pretty in any sense of the word.  This beech wood set is $129, which was too steep for my gift card allowance, but I love the simple design.  I would be thrilled for this guy to be out for all to see.


I’m still kind of kicking myself over this one.  You guys, this is a hammer with a brass mallet THAT SAYS “GRACE” ON IT!  It is literally labeled with my name.  Practical AND pretty.


Since I love yellow, this immediately caught my eye.  The Bend dining table and chairs can be used indoors and out.  How cute would this be on your patio?   Or my patio?  (wink)


Have you found anything you love at West Elm lately?

Written by Grace

2 Responses to “West Elm Market”

  1. Susan April 2, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    I find great things at West Elm all the time. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever left empty-handed. Haven’t checked out the market yet though. Can’t wait!

    • Grace April 5, 2013 at 8:20 am #

      Hi Susan, oh I know! It has been so beautifully curated the past few years. I think you will like the Market, let me know what you think! G