Twin Beds: Perfectly Parallel

One of the projects I am working on in my own home is my girls’ bedroom.  My baby girl is nine months, and my older girl is two, so they will sleep separately a little while longer, but eventually, they will share a room.  I bought them a beautiful pair of twin antique French corbeille beds, and began playing around with layouts for them in the room.  When nothing was working, I pushed them together, and I really liked it.  I thought it was sweet to think of my girls sleeping close – my boys share a room and often end up sleeping in the same bed.  Thinking this may be an interesting idea to mull over, I dug up some inspiration.

I love the Jenny Lind twin beds here – they are not just for girls!  I have a pair of these beds in my boys’ room painted an orangey red.  They look terrific!

If you have a long back wall in your room, putting the beds end to end may work for you.

Coastal Living

As I pondered this concept more and more, I realized how sophisticated it can look.  Twin beds are an excellent option for guest rooms since they can be easily maneuvered for your number of guests and their preferred sleeping arrangements.

Kari McIntosh Design

My girls’ twin beds have curved (corbeille) headboards and footboards like the footboards here.

Isabel Lopez Quesada

Photo by James Merrell

Patrik Hagborg/Sköna Hem

Weiroch Lodge UK

Arden Stephenson

Enviable Designs, Inc.

Source Unknown

LOVE these next two from Coastal Living.

Coastal Living

Coastal Living

If you want to feel like you have your own space, but don’t necessarily want to go Lucy & Ricky style, twin beds that share a headboard might be a good choice for you.  Note: twin bed + twin bed = king bed.  This is a good option for a Master Bedroom, especially for couples that can’t agree on mattress support (soft vs. firm).

Isabel Lopez Quesada

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Because I do have a special place in my heart for wicker, I seriously heart the idea of combining vintage wicker headboards as shown below.

Nuestra Vida Dulce

Lucky for you, if you love this idea, we just happen to have a pair of vintage wicker twin headboards right now.  That model makes them look even better, don’t you think?  (I have a super easy DIY idea for vintage wicker headboards coming tomorrow!)

Come to think of it, the Gypsy Soul client that bought my most favorite pair of twin headboards we have ever had is going to turn them into a king bed for her Master Bedroom.  I need to make sure to get pics from her when she is done!

How can you use this idea in your home?

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  1. Jennifer Hakanson September 14, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    Grace – are the jenny lind twin beds new or antique? just curious as I have been looking everywhere for a couple of these for my kids. thanks!Jennifer