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Gebhardt Guest Room/Office

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You’re in for a treat today!  Aren’t room transformations THE BEST?!!

If you have been reading the blog for awhile, you have already seen two rooms come together in the Gebhardt home – the formal living and the casual living.  Since Sabrina is a beautiful photographer, she needed an office that would be colorful and happy and inspiring.  But because this room would do double duty for guests, it needed to be accommodating and inviting, too.   Of course, I was happy to help!  (repeat clients are my biggest compliment!)

Sabrina deemed this room “her hot mess”, and it was full of hodge podge furniture and…stuff.  (after moving two years ago, I still have a space – or two – like this, sigh)

Here are some before pics.

The room could use some love, but the dog is cute, right?


Grace edit-6092

Sabrina bought the desk super cheap off of CraigsList when they got into their new-to-them 1920’s home; mainly out of desperation for a workspace amidst the chaos of moving.  We pondered getting something different but ended up with a “is that the same desk?!” transformation.



Because this was essentially Sabrina’s space when guests were not in town, I was given permission to “girl it up” if I felt so inclined.  Carefully listening to my clients is very important to me, so I made sure I fulfilled her requirements of “pretty”, “lots of color”, and “functional”.  Of course, I needed a jumping off point, some inspiration, and I knew immediately what it was.

Designers Guild, Orangerie Rose Fabric

Designers Guild, Orangerie Rose Fabric

Ah, the ever-spectacular Designers Guild “Orangerie Rose” pattern.  I have loved this watercolor-y floral fabric for years.  It runs about $150 USD a yard so it was merely a dream.  Until…I snatched up four yards on Ebay for around $200.  I was so excited!  I saved it for just the right client, and I knew when I saw the room, and pondered Sabrina’s color story for the space, that she would love it.  Therefore, with this fabric in mind, I designed the room, and presented Sabrina with this design board.


We started from scratch with this room except for the french provincial side tables, a brass swing arm floor lamp, a mission style bench, and an old Ethan Allen wing chair.  Sabrina did a lot of the legwork on this room herself, taking the board and running with it, but I really enjoyed working out all of the details with her and styling the room.  So without further adieu,

Welcome to the Gebhardt Guest Room/Office.

I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite viewpoints of the space.   You get a little sneak peak from the hallway, and I think one just feels drawn into the room.


The gorgeous campaign dresser is a Scout Design Studio find, and we painted it in Rustoleum’s Safety Red, a high gloss orangey-red hue.

AStoriedStyle.comIt turned out pretty killer.  One of Sabrina’s main storage requests was somewhere to put all of her kraft paper boxes she uses for presentation of her client’s photos.  This long but narrow depth dresser fit the bill perfectly.  Brass hardware like this slays me.

AStoriedStyle.comWe styled it with books, sentimental wine corks, and some pretty water and glasses for guests to feel right at home.




Besides the fabric, my favorite feature of the room is this interchangeable art/photography wall.  Using vintage frames Sabrina already owned, plus a few purchased from a local salvage store, we fashioned this interesting collection by nailing large metal binder clips into the center of each frame.  It will be so easy to alter the photos and artwork as desired.


The vintage bamboo pair of chairs are one of Kristen’s Gypsy Soul Interiors finds, and we had the seats upholstered in the Orangerie fabric.  They. are. stunning.  The green and white flocked trellis pillow is from Etsy.


Sabrina says this is her favorite photo of the space, and I love it, too.


The vintage round ottoman was a CraigsList purchase.


Since the bed was in front of the pretty windows, I didn’t want to cover too much sunshine.  Therefore, I searched for an iron bed until I found this one (from Pottery Barn) at an estate sale for $150.  We sprayed it in Rustoleum’s John Deere Green.  (I’m loving that little cutie’s pjs in this photo!)


This little princess likes the bed, too.  How precious is her little dolly sleeping next to her?!


The bench at the end of the bed looked like this before.


Using some not-being-used-by-me-anymore World Market gray velvet curtains I had edged in white linen, we had it reupholstered and tufted.  How very Maria VonTrapp, ha!


The beautiful Orangerie fabric was used for long pillows for the bed and a bolster for the bench.  Yellow silk fabric was used for piping.



Are you loving the rug as much as I am?!  There is nothing like an old rug to bring a wonderful sense of age and character to a space.  Found on Ebay from this seller whom I have used many a time – I highly recommend him!  (I can hardly look at his rugs without wanting at least twelve!)


We used one of Sabrina’s french end tables she already had on one side of the bed, and placed this grasscloth one (another Gypsy Soul Interiors find) on the other side.


The lampshades were edged in pretty trim.


Sabrina had previously purchased this curvy shaped Ethan Allen chair for a great price off of CraigsList, and we had it reupholstered in this crisscross gray fabric (“Hector” from Cutting Corners).  The pillow is another Etsy find.  The curtains are linen from Ikea, edged in a yellow Greek key trim.



For printer and office supply storage, this bamboo shelving unit was purchased off of CraigsList.  I love to make useful items display nicely.



The desk turned out so great!  We painted it in Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray reduced 50% and added the dainty brass knobs.



The corkboard was purchased at Home Goods, and Sabrina painted the frame gold, and added the chevron fabric (Premier Prints) and red trim.



Light, bright, and beautiful, just what Sabrina wanted!  She sent me these thoughts about her new room, and it made me so happy!

Oh Grace. I cannot even describe how perfect my office space is. It is my new favorite room in the house. And I am so glad that it is because I spend so much time in there! Even my daughter says, “Mommy, I love your new work room”.

Before we started, this space was a complete hot mess. It was the office. The guest room. The unorganized catch-all. It was ugly, stressful and the most unproductive and unwelcoming room in our home. I spend 3-5 hours a day in my office and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted to love the space. I wanted guests to love the space. I wanted to get organized. I wanted to feel good about walking into the office and not an overwhelming sense of dread.

When we started the project, I told you that I wanted color and inspiration but that it also needed to have a calming effect so that our guests would feel comfortable too. I basically gave you free reign on a lot of things and your ideas blew me away again. This room is so perfectly me in every way. I love every single thing about the space. The color. The patterns. The texture. The organization. The coziness. The drama. All of it. And most of all I love that you were able to wrap it all up into one perfect space.

Again, thank you so much for your vision and patience and creating such a wonderful space for our family to enjoy.

It is truly my pleasure to create spaces that are loved and lived in.  A big thank you to Sabrina and family!!











What is your favorite feature of this room?

If I can pull it together this weekend, I should have some of the “troubled spaces” up next week!

**many many thanks to Sabrina of Sabrina Gebhardt Photography (head over to her site and check out the GORGEOUS family and child photos on her blog) for the lovely images in this post**

Written by Grace

Vintage Americana Baby Shower Part 1: Decor

You are going to want to take a minute today and soak in all of the details!  If you remember the beautiful Vintage Americana baby shower invitation I shared with you a few weeks ago, then I know you have been excited to see the photos from the actual event.  Today I will focus on decor, and tomorrow, I will get to the super important stuff: food.  Plus the mother-to-be’s reaction (priceless, by the way!)

I also want to give oodles of accolades, several rounds of applause, and overflowing thanks to Kat Phillips, of TheGrayAttic.com, who provided all of these beautiful images and was the mastermind of this event.

Let’s get started…

The decor began outside.  Linen flags (I believe they had been starched to retain their shape) were lining the sidewalk as guests approached.

Once inside, you walked through a pair of yellow french doors (remember this post?) into the living room.  We rearranged the living room to accommodate lots of people utilizing the dining room chairs and other chairs, benches, etc. found in the house.

Notice the:

1.  navy burlap bunting banner threaded with rope

2.  vintage Dick & Jane cards adorning the vintage seed packet holder in the left window, and on the mantle

3.  the vintage cross stitch with frame on the mantle which had a sweet little poem about “dishes and sweeping can wait, I’m rocking my baby”

4.  vintage blue typewriter with large heart typed out on the paper in the right window

5.  vintage little boy navy tie in red frame

You can see some of the details a little better here.  An American flag was draped over a pair of wooden benches so guests would have a place to set their cup and plate.

The Dick & Jane cards lent such a charming touch to the feel of the shower.  I picked up a full box of them a few years ago at the flea market for $40.  I remember almost not buying them because I was worried $40 was too much.  I have since seen the individual cards for $8 a piece!  We have used them for so many different events, they were a good buy!

I love love love the vintage red, white, and blue hankies tied together to create this bunting.  How sweet is this?!

In this post, I told you about the vintage postcards we included in the baby shower invitation for people to send to the Mother-to-Be with encouragement, blessings, etc.  We had extra, so they were placed in an old drawer filled with pinto beans to hold them upright.  Guests could write on them with pens provided and drop them in the cute little leather strap glass canister (found at Home Goods).  Notice the darling framed vintage cross stitch samplers behind the post card display.  I found them at the Chelsea Flea when I was in NYC a couple of months ago.

This vintage headboard made into a chalkboard is always in my dining room.  It graces different verses, “Happy Birthday’s”, inspirational quotes, and phrases throughout the year.  For this event, I wrote a condensed “How To Be An All-American Boy” list on it.

Also in the dining room, this bunting made of paint samples and stitched on a sewing machine draped a doorway.

Hostesses were to wear red, white and blue, or a combination of those colors and red lipstick.  Vintage flair to your outfit or hair were a bonus.

All in celebration of this lovely lady and precious baby boy.

Come back tomorrow for the yumminess.  Here is a sneak peek plus one of the beautiful hostesses.  How picturesque is she here with that gorgeous red hair?!

Form and Function

A month or so ago, I walked into the living room after changing the diapers and clothes of my two girls, to see my two boys with markers in hand writing on the chairs.  I was completely horrified, and baffled, since they have never drawn on any furniture.  After my control-yourself-and-be-calm inquiry, my oldest, looking completely bewildered, replies, “But Mommy, these are our cars, and we needed to draw a radio and some steering wheels and some turn-y knobs!”

Meet the steering wheels

And the turn-y knobs

And the radio

I, of course, immediately fetched my trusty Folex (GREAT stuff!) and a rag and went to work.  I scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail.  Finally, I called in the big guns – the professionals.

They took one swipe of their cleaning device, which removed quite a bit of color from the fabric , and asked to see the marker.

“Oh, a dry erase marker?  On cotton fabric?  Yeah, this is never coming out, this is permanent.”

As permanent, permanent, permanent, permanent, permanent was resounding in my brain, I looked at my oldest, who understood the situation.  Knowing his mother well, he cheerfully pipes, “Come on, Mommy, now we can go get some fabric.  Neeeeewwwww fabric.  Mommy, you llllooooooovvvvveeeee fabric!”

Smart boy.

It took me this past month to resign myself to recovering chairs that were recovered only two years ago. (Sweetheart, if you are reading this, I am sorry, – probably difficult to see the hard facts in print, especially if you are reading this at work, sigh)

However, I do LOVE fabric, so now I am mulling over samples.

Say hello to the options.

I like the fabric on the chairs currently, but I think I want to put a more classic pattern on them this time.  I can update with throw pillows if so inclined.  Gray and white/cream will remain the color choice.

I am torn because I love linen, and I would love these to be a linen fabric.  But I need something that is pretty indestructible and can be cleaned of little hands pretty easily.  Also, I know these chairs are not going to stop being cars anytime soon.

Here’s Option #1, 100% Linen, a classic ticking stripe.

Option #2, an indoor/outdoor Sunbrella fabric.

Option #3, 100% Linen Wide Stripe.

I love Option #3, it looks so fresh to me.  My husband says it makes the chairs look like an outdoor piece of furniture so that means it is probably out.  Option #1 I like, but I just feel “eh” about it.  The main problem with #1 and #3 is they may be difficult to clean, and may not wear as well over time and after multiple cleanings.  Option #2 is the perfect choice in regards to ease of cleaning because I could literally bleach it without any color coming out.  The pinstripe is definitely classic, and that is my husband’s preference. However, I’m still not sure.

What do you think?  What would you choose?


Celebrations: Scoop and See (Baby Shower)

While I was pondering writing this post, it suddenly struck me…are Sip ‘N’ Sees a southern thing?  like Homecoming mums? having a house party in a wedding?  If they are, let me explain for those above the Mason-Dixon line.  Sip ‘N’ Sees are typically given for someone who has already had a baby (this is their second/third child, etc.), and entail the gathering of women to “sip” beverages, eat yummy food, and “see” the precious new baby of their friend.

People often ask me “how I come up with things” or remark on my creativity, and I can honestly say I am super inspired by my friends.  I am very blessed to be surrounded by people who are so gifted artistically. Needless to say, we have tons of fun exercising our imaginations when planning a party.

One of our friends recently had a sweet baby boy, and we wanted to celebrate!  Since the event would be held in Texas during the hot month of June, my friend Emily came up with the idea of a “Scoop & See”.  We sent out the beautiful invitations from Kelly Kay Paper and got to work.  Note: Check out Kelly Kay Paper’s website here for beautiful stationery and invitations that are like works of art! 


Our food plan for the Scoop ‘N’ See was a sundae bar, root beer floats, fruit cones, and cupcakes.  It wasn’t too difficult to make things look nice since we were in a dear friend’s gorgeous newly renovated 1920’s home.

Little details make a party special.   Linen napkins holding silverware were rolled and tied with ribbon.

Would you believe these cupcakes are from Central Market?  If you have never tried their cupcakes before, they are very yummy and best of all, affordable!  They are $3.99 for a half dozen, and if you call in your order ahead of time, they will tint the icing for you for free.  To give them a custom homemade look, we added the cute polka dot cupcake wrappers found here.

The sundae bar was a delicious candy land.  To keep the ice cream cold, we had a cooler underneath the table filled with ice to hold the tubs.  The table held waffle bowls from the Marble Slab Creamery and a myriad of sweet toppings.  You can see the crystal bowls we used to hold everyone’s creations.  Do you spy the fruit cones?

This was the root beer float/beverage table.  We ended up using tall shot glasses from World Market to make them petite since we had so much other food.  The blue and white straws added a sophisticated touch. Figuring out how to keep the ice cream from melting too much was a bit of a quandary, but we finally decided to put the ice cream in the shot glasses, freeze them, bring a few out at a time, and then add the root beer.  It worked great!

And of course, it looks adorable, too.


One of my favorite elements of the shower were the party favors.  We purchased these little scoops from World Market, loaded them with colorful candy, wrapped them tightly in cellophane (we used a discreet glue dot to secure the cellophane at the back of the scoop), and placed a little note on top.  The result was really sweet.

Several milk glass vases, filled with stunning blue hydrangeas, wrapped in a bit of netting, graced the tables.

Best of all, we had special friends celebrating a special baby boy.  And yes, that is the Mommy holding the baby!  Doesn’t she look great?!

PS – Tune in this week for an easy personalized baby gift idea!

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