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Getting Ready, Holiday Decorating

Martha Stewart

Hard to believe November is less than two weeks away, isn’t it?

I took the kids to Lowes Saturday night to do a return, and they were enthralled with the huge Christmas section.  We stood in front of the wall of singing animals/characters for literally forty-five minutes.  I enjoyed listening to them giggle.  After much begging, I told them we could pick ONE to take home.  It was quite the democratic discussion on which one to pick.  We ended up with a Santa that shakes his maracas and sings “Feliz Navidad” – he has been singing and shaking nonstop since Saturday night.

Yes, the “most wonderful time of the year” is around the corner.  Time to start thinking about decorating for the festivities.  I have rounded up some photos I thought were interesting, some different and/or pretty ideas…

House to Home


source unknown

Isabella Boyer Sikaffy


Wool and Wood

Dottie Angel

Emily Henderson



Which is your favorite?

I do have a very few spots left for holiday design boards, consultations, and/or full holiday decorating.  If you live in the DFW area, and would like some help, please contact me at submissions @astoriedstyle .com.

a beautiful mess, c’est la viv

Don’t you love when you discover a “new to you” artist or pattern or design?

While searching for the perfect fabric for a client a couple of weeks ago, I happened upon c’est la viv’s Spoonflower shop, and I was immediately smitten.  An artist out of Canada, she describes herself as follows:

C’EST LA VIV™ is a creative boutique, a brand and a beautiful mess! Original watercolors and designs created by Vivian Ducas ♥ Ask about collaborating, licensing and custom art + design.

Her fabrics are like beautiful watercolor pieces of art.  I’m dying to do a piece of furniture or some pillows in one of the designs!  Ah, how do I choose?  Here are a few of my faves.

For starters, I adore the entire “Wood” collection.

c’est la viv, wood collection, “wood abstract”

Dear Santa, please send me a “tree rings” feather pillow.  I have been a very good girl.

c’est la viv, wood collection, “tree rings”

In gray?  Swoon.

c’est la viv, wood collection, “woodstains DIOR GRAY”

 Peonies are my very favorite flower.  I think a petite French settee in this fabric would be to. die. for.  Santa, that would be a nice Christmas gift for me, too.

c’est la vie, garden lark, “peony”

The most beautiful zig zag’s I have ever seen.

c’est la viv, sally’s day, “lemon twist”

c’est la viv, sally’s day, “lime lambada”

c’est la viv, sally’s day, “bubblegum pop”

Sweet and light butterflies.

c’est la viv, monarch park, “butterflies”

Moody monarch.  Love it.

c’est la viv, monarch park, “monarch black & white”

Anyone need some holiday pillows?

c’est la viv, deck the halls, “silver & blue”

c’est la viv, deck the halls, “stripes”

cestlaviv_very vintage ornaments

c’est la viv, deck the halls, “very vintage ornaments”

 Pretty paisley.

c’est la viv, paisley crazy, “green eyed lady”

I really like the bohemian feel of this one.

c’est la viv, paisley crazy, “paisley tangerine”

c’est la viv, paisley crazy, “paisley lime”

I could show you pictures all day long, but you should go explore for yourself!  I like to shop her fabrics by collection, you may do so by clicking here.

Other ideas:

You could make some seriously darling kitchen towels with the “My Backyard harvest” collection and the “Yummy” collection.

Do you love monograms?  Me too.  Check these out.

This is hilarious.  I wonder if I could pull off a pillow in this in my husband’s library?  He doesn’t have a moustache though – I don’t think he can grow one either.

This fabric makes me so happy.  I ordered a sample of it, and it is just as beautiful in real life.  I’m thinking a banquette in a kitchen…maybe a sign I need to visit Tuscany.

Love the geometric feel of this one.  This would make a lovely piece of upholstered furniture, too.

I am especially drawn to the emotional, haphazard, wild designs like this.

Here are some real-life photos of the fabrics in action.  Aren’t images like this nice to see before you buy?

That is c’est la viv’s zig zag pillow on the sofa. I could be very happy in this room.

You can purchase prints to frame at this site!  A set of three would be so pretty on a wall!

Society6 Raindrops Print


I seriously heart this peony fabric.

To Vivian Ducas, thank you for your lovely fabrics – they have truly inspired me.

What do you think of c’est la viv’s beautiful mess?

Which is your favorite?

PS.  If you haven’t used Spoonflower before, do not be intimidated, it is a great resource!  You can order samples of all of the fabric before you buy so there are no surprises.  And they now have wallpaper!!  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Design Trend: Pleated Furniture

Source Unknown

How do you feel about pleats on your furniture?  They can be classic, but the more detailed pleating seems to float in and out of style.  I am definitely seeing more and more pleating in design mags these days.

P.S. Every time I see the picture above, I think about how much I love those pillows with the huge pom-poms on top.  MUST remember to make some pillows like that for the girls room.  And that wallpaper looks a bit like Queen Anne’s Lace, yes?

This is definitely a more intricate look in regards to pleating.  I am torn on it.  I can imagine a room this would look nice in – it would have to be a room very well-balanced in masculine and feminine.  I can also imagine fabrics this would look nice in – although I have a hard time not picturing this in a peach or forest green moire (does this look scream 80’s/90’s for some reason?), I think it would be pretty in a white linen and cool in a grey tweed.

Henredon via High Point Home

This chair from Cutting Corners is really unique – I think a pair of these across from a tuxedo sofa would be quite stunning.

Cutting Corners

Classic box pleating from Pottery Barn.  This style can be a little too sweet for a living room so be sure to pair it with a leather ottoman or some hard lines on an opposite piece of furniture.

Pottery Barn

For a glossary of pleats, check out this article from Real Simple.  Impress your friends with your knowledge of box pleats vs. knife pleats vs. inverted pleats.  Okay, maybe not.  ha.

What do you think of pleated furniture?  Are you into it?  Do you have a piece or two in your home?

DIY Tutorial: How To Design & Place Plate Collections On A Wall

So sorry for my absence yesterday, dear readers!  Back in the swing of things…

Whether you have a plate collection or any sort of collection to place on the wall, today will give you the step-by-step instructions.  It takes a little time, but it is probably easier than you think to get the look you want, especially if you were inspired by all of the varied designs in this post.

First, you need to layout your plates to find a pleasing arrangement to you.  When I do something like this, I usually eyeball it to see if I like it, then I take a picture.  It may seem silly to take a picture of it, but it is always good to look at design through photography.  There is just something different about seeing it through a lens that allows you to pick up on something that seems off.

Once you find the positioning you like, get out your tracing paper.

Reader, meet Tracing Paper.  Tracing Paper, meet Reader.  Tracing Paper is your friend and can be found at most office or craft/hobby stores.  You should get some to have on-hand because it is SO great for a variety of projects, including this one.

Lay out sheets of tracing paper over the top of your design.

After you have the shape that covers your design, put the sheets on the floor, and use strips of tape to secure them in that configurement.

Then put your tracing paper over the top of your collection, grab a marker that moves easily with light pressure, and trace over your design.

The lines do not have to be perfect, they will just be a general guideline.

Cut around your outline, and you have your pattern!

Tape it up on your wall, only placing tape strips at the top of your pattern.  You want to be able to slip under the pattern to place your plates.

I received a few emails about how to affix plates to the wall, and I cannot say enough good things about these Command Picture Strips.  They can hold up to twelve pounds (the more strips you use, the stronger the hold), and are overall easy to use.  This is the exact pack I used (it actually took me two packs) – the set of six medium strips.

Now I will tell you, though I am not condoning this, I didn’t exactly follow the directions for the strips in this project.  Basically, there are two strips that snap together like super strong velcro.  You are supposed to attach one strip to the wall and one strip to your object.  Then you push them together, and they are affixed.

You can do it this way, especially with your pattern because you could center your strip in the tracing paper circle, center the other strip on your plate, and push them together.  That just made me nervous because I wanted to make sure everything lined up perfectly.  Therefore, I put both strips together, took one sticker backing off, pressed it for 30 seconds (as the directions state) onto the plate, took the other sticker backing off, put the plate into position, and pressed it to the wall for 30 seconds.  Many other users of this product did it this way when I looked online, and I did not see any issues.

The Command strips are damage free so you don’t have to worry about them damaging your wall or your plate!  When you want to change your design, just pull the tab at the bottom of the strip, and it comes right off.

In no time, I could see my design coming together.

My plates vary in age – from the early 1900’s to the 1950’s – and I love their history, variance, and hand-painted quality.  Ta-da!

As you can see, I added a couple more pieces after I finished my proposed pattern.  I simply wanted to fill it in a little and give it more interest.  I’d like to add to my collection as I find plates that are pretty and intrigue me.  Now when I see one, I will have a place to put it!

Do you have a collection to put up on your wall?


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