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Gebhardt Guest Room/Office

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You’re in for a treat today!  Aren’t room transformations THE BEST?!!

If you have been reading the blog for awhile, you have already seen two rooms come together in the Gebhardt home – the formal living and the casual living.  Since Sabrina is a beautiful photographer, she needed an office that would be colorful and happy and inspiring.  But because this room would do double duty for guests, it needed to be accommodating and inviting, too.   Of course, I was happy to help!  (repeat clients are my biggest compliment!)

Sabrina deemed this room “her hot mess”, and it was full of hodge podge furniture and…stuff.  (after moving two years ago, I still have a space – or two – like this, sigh)

Here are some before pics.

The room could use some love, but the dog is cute, right?


Grace edit-6092

Sabrina bought the desk super cheap off of CraigsList when they got into their new-to-them 1920’s home; mainly out of desperation for a workspace amidst the chaos of moving.  We pondered getting something different but ended up with a “is that the same desk?!” transformation.



Because this was essentially Sabrina’s space when guests were not in town, I was given permission to “girl it up” if I felt so inclined.  Carefully listening to my clients is very important to me, so I made sure I fulfilled her requirements of “pretty”, “lots of color”, and “functional”.  Of course, I needed a jumping off point, some inspiration, and I knew immediately what it was.

Designers Guild, Orangerie Rose Fabric

Designers Guild, Orangerie Rose Fabric

Ah, the ever-spectacular Designers Guild “Orangerie Rose” pattern.  I have loved this watercolor-y floral fabric for years.  It runs about $150 USD a yard so it was merely a dream.  Until…I snatched up four yards on Ebay for around $200.  I was so excited!  I saved it for just the right client, and I knew when I saw the room, and pondered Sabrina’s color story for the space, that she would love it.  Therefore, with this fabric in mind, I designed the room, and presented Sabrina with this design board.


We started from scratch with this room except for the french provincial side tables, a brass swing arm floor lamp, a mission style bench, and an old Ethan Allen wing chair.  Sabrina did a lot of the legwork on this room herself, taking the board and running with it, but I really enjoyed working out all of the details with her and styling the room.  So without further adieu,

Welcome to the Gebhardt Guest Room/Office.

I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite viewpoints of the space.   You get a little sneak peak from the hallway, and I think one just feels drawn into the room.


The gorgeous campaign dresser is a Scout Design Studio find, and we painted it in Rustoleum’s Safety Red, a high gloss orangey-red hue.

AStoriedStyle.comIt turned out pretty killer.  One of Sabrina’s main storage requests was somewhere to put all of her kraft paper boxes she uses for presentation of her client’s photos.  This long but narrow depth dresser fit the bill perfectly.  Brass hardware like this slays me.

AStoriedStyle.comWe styled it with books, sentimental wine corks, and some pretty water and glasses for guests to feel right at home.




Besides the fabric, my favorite feature of the room is this interchangeable art/photography wall.  Using vintage frames Sabrina already owned, plus a few purchased from a local salvage store, we fashioned this interesting collection by nailing large metal binder clips into the center of each frame.  It will be so easy to alter the photos and artwork as desired.


The vintage bamboo pair of chairs are one of Kristen’s Gypsy Soul Interiors finds, and we had the seats upholstered in the Orangerie fabric.  They. are. stunning.  The green and white flocked trellis pillow is from Etsy.


Sabrina says this is her favorite photo of the space, and I love it, too.


The vintage round ottoman was a CraigsList purchase.


Since the bed was in front of the pretty windows, I didn’t want to cover too much sunshine.  Therefore, I searched for an iron bed until I found this one (from Pottery Barn) at an estate sale for $150.  We sprayed it in Rustoleum’s John Deere Green.  (I’m loving that little cutie’s pjs in this photo!)


This little princess likes the bed, too.  How precious is her little dolly sleeping next to her?!


The bench at the end of the bed looked like this before.


Using some not-being-used-by-me-anymore World Market gray velvet curtains I had edged in white linen, we had it reupholstered and tufted.  How very Maria VonTrapp, ha!


The beautiful Orangerie fabric was used for long pillows for the bed and a bolster for the bench.  Yellow silk fabric was used for piping.



Are you loving the rug as much as I am?!  There is nothing like an old rug to bring a wonderful sense of age and character to a space.  Found on Ebay from this seller whom I have used many a time – I highly recommend him!  (I can hardly look at his rugs without wanting at least twelve!)


We used one of Sabrina’s french end tables she already had on one side of the bed, and placed this grasscloth one (another Gypsy Soul Interiors find) on the other side.


The lampshades were edged in pretty trim.


Sabrina had previously purchased this curvy shaped Ethan Allen chair for a great price off of CraigsList, and we had it reupholstered in this crisscross gray fabric (“Hector” from Cutting Corners).  The pillow is another Etsy find.  The curtains are linen from Ikea, edged in a yellow Greek key trim.



For printer and office supply storage, this bamboo shelving unit was purchased off of CraigsList.  I love to make useful items display nicely.



The desk turned out so great!  We painted it in Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray reduced 50% and added the dainty brass knobs.



The corkboard was purchased at Home Goods, and Sabrina painted the frame gold, and added the chevron fabric (Premier Prints) and red trim.



Light, bright, and beautiful, just what Sabrina wanted!  She sent me these thoughts about her new room, and it made me so happy!

Oh Grace. I cannot even describe how perfect my office space is. It is my new favorite room in the house. And I am so glad that it is because I spend so much time in there! Even my daughter says, “Mommy, I love your new work room”.

Before we started, this space was a complete hot mess. It was the office. The guest room. The unorganized catch-all. It was ugly, stressful and the most unproductive and unwelcoming room in our home. I spend 3-5 hours a day in my office and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted to love the space. I wanted guests to love the space. I wanted to get organized. I wanted to feel good about walking into the office and not an overwhelming sense of dread.

When we started the project, I told you that I wanted color and inspiration but that it also needed to have a calming effect so that our guests would feel comfortable too. I basically gave you free reign on a lot of things and your ideas blew me away again. This room is so perfectly me in every way. I love every single thing about the space. The color. The patterns. The texture. The organization. The coziness. The drama. All of it. And most of all I love that you were able to wrap it all up into one perfect space.

Again, thank you so much for your vision and patience and creating such a wonderful space for our family to enjoy.

It is truly my pleasure to create spaces that are loved and lived in.  A big thank you to Sabrina and family!!











What is your favorite feature of this room?

If I can pull it together this weekend, I should have some of the “troubled spaces” up next week!

**many many thanks to Sabrina of Sabrina Gebhardt Photography (head over to her site and check out the GORGEOUS family and child photos on her blog) for the lovely images in this post**

Written by Grace

My Dining Room

I have been laughing finding photos for this post!  Ah, my dining room.  It has taken a couple of tries to get things right…One of the funny things about doing design work is that sometimes my home ends up being a bit of a lab.  Through some trial and error, I will finally end up with something I think is beautiful and suited to the space.

Join me on the journey.

This is what the dining room looked like when the previous owners lived here.  I like the space, and I like grey, but this room felt very dark and low to me.

We started pondering what we could do to brighten it up in there.  One of the problems was the amount of natural light reaching the room.  The space is long and narrow, and there was one single chandelier trying to fill the space.  Because of how our home is set up, you cannot put recessed lighting on the first floor so we had to come up with a different solution.  And then we found it – though it is no longer available at Pottery Barn, we put up the Edison Chandelier, and we love it.

Pottery Barn

The arms allow you to position it any way you like so it was simple for us to stretch it mostly the length of the table.  It gives us so much more light, and though we loved the crystal chandelier that was in there (it is original to our home), we moved it to the island in the kitchen so everyone is happy.

Now that lighting was tackled, we moved on to the aesthetics.  I love painted molding, and I would like to have them in this house somewhere – white walls, color on the molding.  I painted the molding first – Benjamin Moore’s Woodlawn Blue – but it just didn’t do it for me.   (Take note of the small buffet piece in the photo for its later transformation).

It still felt lifeless.  It just wasn’t right.  Then I got to thinking…I would love to have a beautiful wallpaper in there, something that fits the home but still has a modern flair.  But…the kids.  We have lots of kids that would be walking through and touching it and leaving their sweet little marks.  That’s when I thought of this…

Beadboard!   It was the perfect answer.  It’s durable, it’s wipeable, the creamy white would brighten the space, and it looks original to the home.  You can see we took the texture off the walls to get to the smooth plaster surface below.  Also, check out the “before” on the ‘Mad Hatter’ vintage chairs I picked up on Craigs List.  I love love love the shape of them and knew they would make terrific host/hostess chairs.

We were on our way, but I knew the wallpaper would seal the deal.  I quickly fell in love with this wallpaper.


A little more research led me to the discovery that this is a Cole & Son wallpaper called Hummingbirds, available at Anthropologie, and also at Decoraters Best.   Obviously, this is expensive wallpaper, but I didn’t need much since I had a small space to fill.  (another positive of doing the beadboard)  Once I saw the paper and pattern in person, I knew this was it.  I love the colors, and it has such a lovely almost hand-painted texture to it you can’t see in the photograph.  (it was totally worth the money!)

So without further adieu, welcome to my dining room.

We love this room.  It is light, bright, elegant, and full of character.  It’s interesting to look at.  I like to create rooms you can’t take in with one swoop of the eye.  Rooms with depth.  Something I really like about this room is all of the special touches and details that make it us.

You can see the buffet makeover below.  Didn’t it turn out beautiful?  I found this piece at a garage sale forever ago for $15.  The wood was in pretty bad shape except for the curved insets on the sides of the piece and the drawer fronts.  But I loved the shape of it and knew I cold make it into something special.  This project ended up being one of my, “woops!  I stayed up all night” projects.  I started painting it, and then it was morning.

I painted the frame in the same creamy white as the trim and beadboard in the room.  Then I painted the detail with a bronzed gold leaf paint, oiled the exposed wood, scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the hardware, and voila, it looks like something from a high end antique store.

The collection of blue and white china has come from various sources.  The darling “let them eat cake” vase I adore was gifted to me and is from Anthropologie.  Found here.  The large bowl belonged to my husband’s great Aunt Grace.  The lucite lamps are vintage.

What doesn’t belong here?

The abstract painting was a Salvation Army find  – it is a bit unexpected, and I like that about it in regards to the room.  It was $24, and it is actually a real-deal painting!  A little research revealed it is by a mid-century artist who signed his pieces “Cien”.

On the right side of the room, you can see the etagere filled with my china collection, terrariums, and other treasures.  Found by my sweet friend and Gypsy Soul comrade, Kristen Dowd, the vintage gold leaf frame with glass shelves adds a unique element to the room.

A year or so ago, an antique china store in my city closed.  They had a huge sale, and I decided to get twelve sets of china.  They are all different, and it gives such a collected feel to the space.  So lovely to look at and study, the patterns range from the 1800’s to the 1930’s.

The gigantic light bulb is original to the house!  We found it when we moved in.

The terrariums are easy to care for (a cup or two of water every couple of weeks) and lend some softness to the overall look.  Glass containers were all purchased at Home Goods.

The crystal candy dish was our first wedding present given to us by Kent’s grandparents – it was their first wedding present!  They have been married over sixty years!  The “Dish” book (Christmas gift alert!) is a very fun read if you like looking at vintage and antique china patterns.

Love love love wallpapered doors.  We put wallpaper inside the frames on both sides.  (this door is open quite a bit)  The door stop is original to the house.  If you missed the post on how I put up my plate collection, it can be seen here.

The vintage host and hostess chairs were recovered in a wipeable diamond textured fabric for the front, and a beautiful silk on the back.  You can’t tell the  diamond fabric is vinyl until you touch it!

For curtain rods, I used my DIY Acrylic Curtain Rods, and they turned out just as lovely in my dining room as they did the living room.  Dining rooms need a little sparkle!

I don’t normally prefer plain sheer drapes, but I do like a pretty pattern on a sheer.  We didn’t need the privacy so the simple sheers work great.  The fabric is from Cutting Corners – “Newman” in Ivory.

The diamond backed chairs are vintage and another Craigslist find.  I had them lacquered and recovered in a faux ostrich.  (I love using faux ostrich in homes with kids – it always looks chic and any spills are easily conquered with a wipe!)  My husband will probably shake his head when he reads this, but I am pondering using a different color of faux ostrich.  I was trying to branch out with the pink color (it picks up on the coral-y pink hues in the wallpaper and hostess chairs), and…I don’t love it.  But it will work for now.  I recently picked up a bolt of aqua ostrich fabric on clearance and may take on the recovering project myself.  We’ll see.  Crazy about the chairs though.  (You can also see on the other side of the french doors is the playroom.)

  One last before & after.

Hope you enjoyed my dining room makeover!  Tons of work, tons of hours, but very very worth it.  This is our only eating area so it gets loads of use, and it makes me so happy to look at it.  I think it’s a great example of layering to create something comfortable, elegant, and unique.  And also a true illustration of trial and error, ha!

Many many thanks to Kat Phillips (featured in this month’s Coastal Living – woot woot!), of TheGrayAttic.com, for the lovely images of my dining room featured in this post.

National Geographic Magazines: A Budget-Friendly Shelf Styling Tool

Yellow is one of my favorite accent colors.  That cheery bright pop just makes me happy.  My yellow velvet sofa is kind of famous…more to come on that later.

You may look at that dusty box of National Geographics at an estate sale and see nothing but the magazine your parents or grandparents read, or you may see a great resource for your kids homework or projects.  After this post, you will have new eyes.  Eyes to see more, eyes to see a green, low budget, chic way to fill an empty shelf or bring a zing of color into your room.

Simply Lovely



Dean Fisher via Apartment Therapy

Caitlin Wilson

Better Homes & Gardens

Caitlin Wilson

Neil Stemmet, Koncept Design and Architecture

Country Living, 2012 House of the Year

Pink Wallpaper

Source Unknown

Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

House and Home


Elle Decor

Source Unknown

Emily Henderson

Often, I have found boxes of National Geographics on my local CraigsList for next to nothing.  Even check the “free” category, they will pop up in that section sometimes.  Ebay is another great source.  I really like to use the older ones with the white covers if the fronts are going to show, but if I am just displaying the bindings, it doesn’t matter.


My little collection brings some golden color to my mantle these days.  I also appreciate they are really interesting to read, too!  It’s a fun, educational activity to pull one off the shelf and discuss the images with the kids.  Win-win!

Image by Kat Phillips

Where could you use a collection of National Geographics?

Bentwood Rocking Chairs

Have you ever had one of these in your home?

I have.  This is what my mom’s rocking chair looked like.  Presumably purchased in the seventies, it sat in our living room for years.  Though I knew this type of chair was a Thonet {pronounced tho-nay} bentwood rocking chair, I always thought the design was mid-century.  Turns out it was designed way before that!

Michael Thonet (1796-1871), is known as the German-Austrian inventor of the process of bentwood production, recognized by flowing forms and the resulting lightweight product.  He first opened his furniture cabinetry workshop in 1819 in a rural Austrian town, where in 1830, he experimented with bending steamed wood to create furniture.  The wood is heated with water vapour and then bent into the desired shape, which gives the pieces their particular charm.  In 1853, he founded the the Austrian company ‘Gebrueder Thonet’.  Mihael Thonet received a patent in 1856 for the process of bentwood manufacturing, when he and his five sons began to produce innovative ‘bentwood’ furniture.

The pieces became known for being practical, inexpensive and refined.  By 1900, the Thonet family had 52 assembly-line production factories in Europe, and was the world’s major manufacturer of bentwood furniture.  After his patents for the process expired in 1869, imitations abounded and still do.  Some consider him the founder of modern furniture design.  You probably will recognize another design of his, the one that made him famous.

The Thonet cafe bentwood chair.

Check out some of his early designs.  Aren’t they neat?  And amazingly still relevant?

Thonet's first bentwood rocking chair, upholstered, 1860 - image courtesy of Thonet

Bentwood Rocking Chair no. 10, 1880 - image courtesy of Thonet

You can definitely see a more Victorian look by 1904.

Bentwood Rocking Chair, 1904 - image courtesy of Thonet

I kind of want a couple of these for my front porch.

Bentwood Rocking Reclining Couch, 1883 - image courtesy of Thonet

Child's Rocking Chair, 1883 - image courtesy of Thonet

I bought an imitation bentwood rocking chair at a garage sale several months ago that is sitting in my house.  I planned on taking on a little upholstery project and tufting it myself.  I do looooovvvveeee tufting.  Maybe someday I’ll get to that project.


Sometimes you just need to see something in an actual room, right?

Bunny Williams gave this one an acrylic back to not block the beautiful view in this home.  Genius!

Bunny Williams

Elle Decor

KatieDid Blog

from the movie, "Beginners"

Apartment Therapy

There are several photos I found where people have revamped their chairs.  Painting the frame (like the picture above) and sometimes painting the frame and putting upholstery over the caning.


If you are wanting a more modern look, I love the chrome version!

Source Unknown


This guy is on Ebay right now!  Somebody needs to snag him!  With some new upholstery, this would be so fab!


I also found this teensy little version for a dollhouse on Ebay.  How adorable is this?!


I see these chairs all the time at estate sales and consignment stores.  Craigslist usually has several.  Find one, make it you, and send me a picture!  I love to feature Reader Projects!

It is no secret that I love pretty antiques and well-designed vintage furniture.  Something I really appreciate when I find things I think are special, is that these pieces were the maker’s artwork.  Time and thought and scrupulous detail were all part of the process that would create something useful, comfortable, lovely and lasting.  So the next time you see a bentwood rocker, I hope you see more than “Mom or Grandma’s old rocking chair”, I hope you think of Michael Thonet and his five sons, experimenting in their little shop in Austria.  Steaming and bending and creating something different and beautiful.  A classic furniture style.  One we are still using more than 150 years later.

In conclusion, I had to include some incredible pieces of art, by a few very notable artists I might add, that were inspired by Thonet’s molded artwork.


'Lady standing next to a Thonet Rocking Chair', 1905, Ludwig Kühn

'The Last Evening', 1873, James Jacques Joseph Tissot

Lady In The Rocking Chair',1897, Victor Borisov-Musatov

'Woman in a Rocking Chair', Pierre-Auguste Renoir

'Indoor Rocking Chair', Jean-Édouard Vuillard

'Tea on the Porch', 1889, August Borckmann

'Jacqueline sitting in a Rocking Chair', 1954, Pablo Picasso

A rare peek into a candid Picasso.

Pablo Picasso in his Thonet rocking chair in his studio 'Villa La Californie'

Picasso, Villa Californie, Cannes 1957 - photograph by Andre Villers

From his bentwood rocking chair, Picasso studies his latest portrait of Jacqueline. Villa La Californie, July 1957



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