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One Room Challenge – Weeks 3 & 4 – Adding A Closet

One Room Challenge – Week 2 – Boys Bedroom Design Plan

One Room Challenge – Week 1 – Spring 2016

one room challenge

Hello!  I am excited to be a Guest Participant in the Spring 2016 One Room Challenge!  We are always working on a project – or five – around here, but sometimes I feel we have a bit of a “cobbler has no shoes” issue.  I finish client projects, and they turn out so lovely, and I think, “I could live in just this room”, ha, and truthfully, I lose steam on my own home.  We have lived in our nearly 100-year-old fixer upper for 5 years now, and we have come a long, long way, but we still have many rooms to complete.  We have had to do so much work on the “underbelly” of our house – plumbing, roof, plaster, etc. – that we are really just now into the decorating part.  Which of course, is the fun part.  Having the Kids Bathroom done has been so so amazing, it really felt like our home renovation reached a milestone when that project was complete.

kids bathroom makeoverImage by Brian McWeeney Photography

For  the One Room Challenge, I could have chosen several rooms, but I eventually decided on Continue Reading…

Gray & Gold Nursery Details

gray and gold nursery details

“It’s all in the details”, they say, and I would have to agree.  A beautiful space is more than just lovely furniture, it’s about texture, it’s about the color story, it’s about the feeling you get when you enter the space.  It’s about the meaning and the story behind what is chosen for the room.  Clearly, this element is especially important to me.  (hello my blog name : ) )

Since the couple I was designing for did not find out before the baby was born (update: it’s a BOY!), I knew I needed to put together a nursery that would work for prince or princess.  We wanted contemporary with a touch of modern, and a calm, serene feel.  The parents-to-be love gray and gold, and thus this nursery was created.  I want spaces to be lovely, but I also strive for them to be meaningful.  

You may see elephant and giraffe art and only see a pretty gold foil elephant and giraffe.  But I know the couple really loves elephants and giraffes – they are sentimental in a way.

You may see cute map letters, but I knew the father of this sweet baby loves maps.  (also, I love insetting wallpaper in door panels!  It always adds instant oomph!  Gold Letter Wallpaper source here)

So you see…it is all in the details, and the story of a room, combined with practical (and beautiful!) elements that make up a complete space.

I thought I would take today and point out the bullet points of the room, and provide you with all of the sources since I have been getting lots of questions! (which I am trying to answer as quickly as possible!)

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