Pinterest Taught Me How To: Volume XIV (DIY Gift Wrap Edition)


Welcome to “Pinterest Taught Me How To DIY Gift Wrap Edition”!  I figured you guys would be wrapping wrapping wrapping the next few days so I thought I would find some really great ideas for you!  Enjoy and have a safe weekend!


1.  How To Make Doily Wrapping Paper – There’s no tutorial for this one, but glue the doily to the paper (I would use a light application of rubber cement), wrap some pretty Christmas ribbon around your package, and you’re done!  Simple and pretty.  And I bet kids would like to wrap some presents this way!



2.  How To Gift Wrap Using What You Have On-Hand – This article gives you some cute ideas for how to gift wrap using what you have around the house.  Magazines, scraps of ribbon and yarn, leftover wallpaper, etc.  These gifts are wrapped very similarly to how mine will be decorated this year – brown craft paper and an assortment of ribbon and washi tape.



3.  How To Decorate Your Packages Using Washi Tape – I don’t have anything except this cute picture for this idea, but using washi tape is a really fun way to bring some life to your wrapping.  I especially love the Christmas tree!



4.  How To Gift Wrap With A Natural Feel – I love the almost woodsy look to these wrapping techniques, and I especially love the grapevine wreath packaging!  These are beautifully done, and simple to do after a visit to your local craft store.



5.  How To Make Your Own Wrapping Paper Using Your Printer – This is my very favorite idea on this list because it is SO easy, SO pretty, and SO genius!  If you have some smaller gifts to wrap, think of the fun and beautiful gift wrap you could make by using your home printer!  Seriously, I must do this.

Happy Wrapping!

Written by Grace

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