Pinterest Taught Me How To – Vol. XI


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!  Here’s my sweet and rowdy crew from last night – a bat, a rattlesnake, a superhero, and the cutest cupcake you ever did see.  Check out how she’s eyeing that candy by the way.

Also, I could hardly get a picture of my bat since it was “daylight”, and bats sleep during the day.  She insisted in sleeping in all of her pictures.  Don’t you love how literal kids are sometimes?

On to all the teachings of Pinterest…

1.  How To Make A Walnut Veneer Pendant Lamp – I’m rather fascinated by cool DIY lighting.  This walnut veneer pendant light would look great in a multitude of settings and looks terrific for an Ikea cord and some veneer.


jen duncan

2.  How To Make A Roman Shade (without fifty million pages of instruction) – I have seen a bajillion roman shade tutorials, and I always finish reading them feeling scared.  This tutorial seems doable, and you only have to sew three seams!  For more tips and tweaks to this project, you should read what Kathy over at Cornerstone Confessions did to make this project even easier.


my perfect line

my perfect line

3.  How To Make A Personalized Mug (30+ ideas!) – I know this idea has been around awhile, but I think it is such a great way to make something fun and personal for someone.  Plus this would be a terrific stocking stuffer!  Make it cute, pretty, funny, or sassy – they are easy to do, and fun to receive.  (the link has tons of good ideas for how to decorate the mugs)


best day ever

best day ever

4.  How To Make A Simple Greenery Wreath Or Crown – If it involves nature elements and fresh greenery, I am typically all for it.  I think this is so simple and beautiful, and I even pondered doing a version to place on my plates as place cards at Thanksgiving.




5.  How To Make Thanksgiving Centerpieces (18 of them) – This link has 18 really lovely ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces (I especially love the one above).  Table decor at Thanksgiving requires some thought because you don’t want anything too high to where people can’t see each other or too big that  it impedes your pretty food.  I think you could find plenty of great ideas in these photos.

Can you believe it is November 1st??!!  The holidays are upon us, and I am determined to have everything ready early this year and not be rushing around at the last minute.  (I can pretty much guarantee my husband will smirk as he reads this by the way, ha)  See you next week!

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