Home Depot Style Challenge Finale

Since I already shared the first eleven spaces from the Home Depot Style Challenge, I had to show you all the prettiness and ideas from the last seven participants!

12.  Alex of Things That Sparklesee her Style Challenge post here – Why I love it:  Since Alex is a native Chicagoan, I’m sure she is used to it, but I immediately felt inward sympathy when I saw where she lived because I associate Chicago with the place I nearly froze to the death.  Although I also associate Chicago with the place I had the yummiest brunch (my favorite meal) of my life (at the Drake Hotel).  I digress…  She really had me at that awesome boheme-vibe pillow she placed on her set, along with the David Hicks fabric on her throw pillows.  The photos of her space at night show how that small space would be a great place to sit and chat with friends!

Alex - Things That Sparkle

Alex – Things That Sparkle

13.  Grace of A Storied Stylesee her my Style Challenge post here – Why I love it:  I just like staring at the hunk in the photos.

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Grace - A Storied Style

Grace – A Storied Style

14.  Tobe of Because It’s Awesomesee her Style Challenge post here – Why I love it: Pretty plants in a cluster of brightly colored pots paired with worn terra cotta containers accent this space so nicely!  Her pops of color through outdoor pillows are fun, plus her adirondack chair makeover turned out great!  Admittedly, in my mind, she has an instant “cool factor” because her name is Tobe.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Tobe - Because It's Awesome

Tobe – Because It’s Awesome

15.  Erin of House of Earnestsee her Style Challenge post here – Why I love it: Um, did you see her yard?  How beautiful is all of that wide, open space?!  I thought her striped rugs and striped coasters were so cute, plus those drinks look yummy!  And I always love flowers in mason jars!

Erin - House of Earnest

Erin – House of Earnest

16.  Lauren of Pure Style Homesee her Style Challenge post here – Why I love it:  I adore Lauren’s work, and I have written about her before.  She designed one of my favorite rooms of all time, and I seriously love her fabrics.  You can see some of her textile designs on her sofa pillows in the HD post, and although the fabrics she pictured are not outdoor friendly, I hear her patterns will be available in outdoor fabrics soon!

Lauren - Pure Style Home

Lauren – Pure Style Home

17.  Hannah of Maple + Shadesee her Style Challenge post here – Why I love it: Any girl, and dude, for that matter, that appreciates a good pair of rattan peacock chairs, are friends of mine.  Plus how adorable is the fence she striped?  I also really like how she used a bench on one end of her round table, and repurposed the fourth chair elsewhere.  A charming space indeed!

Hannah - Maple + Shade

Hannah – Maple + Shade

18.  Dana of House Tweakingsee her Style Challenge post here – Why I love it:  I think a mix of chairs at table are really interesting – indoors or out!  Her style is very cool and contemporary, and really, my favorite parts of her post were the peeks into her house, which looks incredible!  The crisp white accents in Dana’s outdoor space really brighten it and make it happy.

Dana - House Tweaking

Dana – House Tweaking

So there you have it, friends!  All 18 of the Style Challenge participants for Spring 2013!  I have really enjoyed doing these recap posts because it has given me a chance to read new blogs and explore the blogging world more in general.  I have a few blog favorites – some I have been reading for years and some I have been reading for the past year or so – and it has been nice to “get out a little”.  I am torn as a writer about reading too many blogs because I feel like it can skew your vision a bit as a blogger, which basically means I don’t want to have something in my head because I have seen it in the blogosphere, and then you are reading about the same thing over and over.  Although this happens purely by accident sometimes!  I try to keep things fresh here, and write about my original ideas and thoughts.  All that to say, because of The Style Challenge, I do have a few new reads!

What was your favorite blog to discover from the Style Challenge?  Do you have a favorite idea or set you want to infuse in your outdoor space?  (No, I’m not fishing here, ha!)

Written by Grace


4 Responses to “Home Depot Style Challenge Finale”

  1. Hilary May 9, 2013 at 8:59 am #

    Love it!! Everyone did such a fantastic and impressive job! Thanks for sharing with us, Grace.

    • Grace May 9, 2013 at 10:41 am #

      Hilary! Thanks so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed it – thank you for reading and taking the time to comment! xoxo, G

  2. Caroline @ The Home Depot May 9, 2013 at 9:01 am #

    This is a fantastic recap! It’s fun to see everyone’s together. They all turned out so beautifully, and we are so proud to have gotten to work with each of you!

    • Grace May 9, 2013 at 10:42 am #

      Caroline, thank you so much! Everyone obviously had a great time, and it has been super fun seeing all of the makeovers! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity, I LOVED it! G