A Picture To Ponder: Special Envelope in Frame


martha stewart

Another “Picture To Ponder” post from my “Home Ideas” file circa 2007/2008.  If there is a letter with special meaning to you or your family, and you still have the envelope, I think this is a precious way to display it.  You could have your envelope enlarged at a local print shop, or there are several online resources.

I originally saved this because my husband’s grandfather wrote a letter and asked his sweet wife, my husband’s grandmother, to marry him shortly after World War II.  Wouldn’t it be neat to frame that envelope?  When I slipped it in a conversation that I wanted to see the letter, I was sadly told the whereabouts were unknown.  I still have hope though!

This kind of artwork is right up my alley – special, sentimental, unique.  A great way to share a piece of your story in your home.

Do you have a special envelope you would frame?

Written by Grace

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