Deal Alert: Long Xbench

I’ve been liking the idea of a single long x-bench versus a pair.  (though I still love a pair and think they are so useful in a room)  However, a long, single bench is different and out of the norm.  As my Gypsy Soul comrade, Kristen, stated, “It’s fresh”.  In fact, I found a vintage one I loved on Etsy and bought it.  It is on its way to me as we speak.  The measurements are 31″ long, 14″ deep, and 19″ high.

Have I mentioned I am rearranging my living room again?  Oh yes!  The journey continues, ha!

The vintage bench needs to be reupholstered of course, a whole other post should probably be dedicated to the sometimes ridiculous thought process I go through when deciding fabrics that go in my home.  But I think the reupholstery should be an easy job, and probably one I will do myself.   Since the bench is vintage and awesome, it was a bit more than I would spend normally.  It is hard to find pieces like this, folks!  But in the end, the cost is not astronomical and definitely less than one would spend for the same thing (probably not as well made) at a home store.  However, a little Internet searching led me to this little beauty from Overstock.

At 38 inches wide x 18 inches depth x 18 inches high, I think this is a terrific size to fill in a space where you do not want the sight blockage of a chair or sofa back (i.e. in front of a fireplace, pretty view, etc.), but need some seating.  It could seat two people, and has the pretty, curvy cross base at the bottom.  Any decent upholsterer could reupholster it so the legs and seat are upholstered.  It states it is made of solid wood, so while I may question that, it never hurts to try!  The best part?

It is $114.72.

Yup, you read that right, people!  My guess is you could buy this, plus fabric, plus reupholstery for less than $300.  A pretty awesome deal, right?  I am filing this away for future clients, or myself in case I don’t like the size of the vintage bench I bought in my space.

See the bench here.  Thank you, Overstock!


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